The Rafiqs handbook



The Rafiqs is the division of TLAB that takes care of the courts, train Members of the brotherhood from the Master rank to become fit for the Assassin position aswell as approving or declining major decisions of the group, contracts or missions. They work with the diplomatic issues of the group and gathers information about our enemies, allies or groups related to us. They also discuss and Study the creeds philosphy and try as best as they can to unlock its wisedom

The Promotional system of the rafiqs is pretty Much about activity and what you do as a rafiq. It mainly consists of a number of missions or tasks given by your leader aswell as proving/showing to your leaders that you can actually use what you’ve learned as an Assassin. Discipline, respect, maturity and all Other noble qualities are required for you to rank up either through trainings or missions.

Novice - you learn the ways of the rafiqs and got a deeper understanding of the division and our creed. Now youre ready to Move on to the next rank once youve attended a few trainings and events and when your Master deems you ready.

Scholar - now you Will learn the advanced techniques of the rafiqs. You’ll start doing small missions and tasks, gather information and you’ll have to show a lot of activity inorder to rank up.

Graduate - Now you’ll be going out on missions with the help from a philosopher+. Your missions from now on Will be very serious and you could face huge consiquences if you fail them but a lot gratitude and respect if you succeed. This is when you’re slowly going from a student into an actual rafiq.

Philosopher - you have to go on three missions (minimum) to be promoted as well prove to your Masters in serveral ways that you’re worthy of the next rank. You need to host a lot of events and trainings and actually positively effect the division. Once your leaders deem you worthy you will be promoted.

Rafiq is when you get to roam freely in the division and must take on a Novice and help him along his journey. You must also prove yourself worthy through the various ways you’ve been doing so far (activity, hosting, missions, etc…).

Rafiq’s will be the judges of a trial. there must be a minimum of three Rafiqs at a trial (1 Master/head of Rafiqs and two others.)
For Smaller cases only the Master/Head Rafiq will be required.
Court trials will only be used when a member of the order has broken our tenets. The Accuser must have a minimum of one piece of evidence against them. A picture, a video, or a witness. The ‘accused’ may also bring their own evidence as defense.

To complete this tryout and join the Rafiq’s you must go through four portions of this tryout. Not passing one portion will lead to a failure.
The four portions of the tryout are:

  1. Knowledge of the Creed.
    Questions about the Tenets, Ironies, and Maxim.
    General knowledge as well will be asked. Such as ‘who is the Mentor’ ‘Who is the MA of Moh/Ansaars/Rafiqs’ etc.
  2. Parkour
    Must evade the Host for a minute, and they must be able to climb the castle in a minute and a half.
  3. Knife throwing combat.
    Do best 2-3 in a 1v1 style. Swords may be used but Knives are the main focus of this portion.
  4. Maturity and discipline.
    various tests and questions will be done and
    Asked. The tester can do it in serveral ways as long as they make sure they pass the requirements.


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