The Rally showcase - looking for feedback

I recently spent about two weeks making this game. I wanted to make a spaceship game in which I wanted to follow the ARMACHAM game but I got carried away and made something pretty different. I also play Innovation Inc. games and it gave me some ideas for walls and other things.
Link of the game:
Here there are a few images of my game:


If you guys could give me some feedback it would be amazing!


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If you guys have some feedback please tell me in the comments.

it looks very, very good - good work on it :slight_smile:

I think you should add shadow map to it, though

this part of it is amazing, really, really like it.

I would consider adding textures to the hallways though, they can do with some extra detailing


Thank You very much for the feedback!
Yes, I will work on texture as I want some more detail.

I joined to explore around your (Spaceship) and i gotta, say you did a really good job on your creation. I like the details, materials, buttons, and overall feel of the showcase you have made! However i see you are getting some inspiration. From other games by joining them and getting other ideas you could implement, into your showcase and this looks very impressive, i see you made something completely different! Then the ARMACHAM game. However by looking around your showcase it looks like a sci-fi kind, of feel with a very unique and abstract! Style to it overall i see the hallway is still being worked on i would. Suggest you add some wires, textures, wall lights, electric signs, metal wall bars, colored pipes, ect. As with those details added to the hallway it will give your spaceship a really. Great style to it and as for the real life ones you will mostly see these kind of details, around the spaceship and around the hallways but it seems! It’s still in progress and it’s not finished at the moment. But with the details i listed above i know it will make your spaceship stand out, a lot more overall you have done a fantastic job on your rally showcase.

And with the details you could try. Implementing into your spaceship just so it could have a bit more details to it, i would recommend you add some wires, colored pipes, small pipes, door buttons, vents, ect. Those kind of details could go around the hallway part. And some on the ceiling and some around the walls once, you hit the top floor i would recommend you add some little vents added to the walls with. Some other textures implemented to it i know, with textures added to the hallway it will look. More better and a lot more detailed overall you could try adding some pipes where the big. Containers you added to your spaceship underneath, the floor and as you can see below this is a! Spaceship corridor you could try adding some of. The those details on the walls to your hallway, just so it won’t look very empty i know it will look a lot more better with textures and the different. Details added around the wall areas try doing, something like that just so it could give your spaceship a little more details to it. Overall it looks very nice.

Reference Hallway

Overall, you have done a amazing job on your spaceship showcase game i. Really think you did a very decent job on getting inspiration, from other games i know the games you, visit it really helped you find what kind of ideas! To add to your rally showcase and i see you have. The spaceship look and the details implemented, to it but i would recommend you make some of the pipes you added into the hallway. Part different colors such as red, blue, orange, grey ect. There could be a bunch of other details added, to your spaceship but depending on what kind of style it is, there doesn’t have to be that much details added. Anyways you have done a impressive job on your rally showcase and! It’s very well done can’t wait to see the final, project very soon! As well you could try adding some smoke coming out of the air vents you added to the entrance area. I do believe! It will look a lot more better with little bits! Of smoke coming through.

However i do have a question, do you plan on finishing the side of the spaceship i see. It has a big opening you can jump off from i do believe your! Still adding more details to your spaceship before finishing it up overall i can’t, wait to see the final build very soon i’ll check it out. Once it’s done or when it’s still in progress, anyways you have a good looking showcase here! I know with the final details added to it, it will look like a very well done spaceship that i’ll visit again.

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Yes,indeed I do plan to finish my ship but as school has just started i am afraid that it may take some time. But thank you very much for your helpful comment.

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This futuristic build is great! Keep up the good efforts!

Alright, you’ll finish this showcase in no time however even though it’s not completed it still. Looks very nice i hope to see more details, added around the spaceship and the hallway part i would just try working on the hallway as it seems. It could be more detailed a bit more overall hope you finish this showcase, in your free time or anytime soon and i’ll visit, again once it’s fully complete!!