The Relaxing Obby Release

I just released a brand new game called, The Relaxing Obby. Let me know on what you think about it!


Hey Dogcraft! I played about 10 stages, and it’s a really amazing obby! a few things though. There is a way to make players instantly respawn. basically, what you do is you make a fully transparent kill brick and put it under the obby where the players wouldnt go unless they died. I say that because it takes a few seconds to die, and that can be annoying. Also, can you tell me what you did for the fog effect as you look into the distance? That part is also really cool. The obby stages are really original, and I hope you succeed in your developer dreams! :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback.

A few things:

I’ll try my best to make it so you die quicker. I can understand how it would be annoying.

I made the fog effect with the atmosphere effect. I made the fog effect because then Roblox doesn’t have to render so much.

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Hey there! I like the obby a lot. One complaint though.

On the second stage, you have a push me block. If the player pushes it off, they have to rejoin to try again. What I would do is allow the player to respawn it like this:

local PUSH_PART = game.ReplicatedStorage.PUSH_PART
local RESPAWN_PART = game.Workspace.RESPAWN_PART

      if not game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("PUSH_PART") then
         PUSH_PART:Clone().Parent = game.Workspace.

It’s a very rough codebase, but I think you can get the idea.

I thought that this complaint would popup. I’ll get to work on that immediately. Thanks for letting me know.

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No problem, if you need more help just ask!