The Rise of Botted Games

Hello! :wave:

I am Spo_oky… This is my first post.

I think everyone has seen Botted games these few weeks and many people are starting to bot their games as they are seeing Roblox do nothing to these games, here are few examples of Botted games…

How can I see if a game is botted or not?

  1. The game will have a very bad Like to Dislike Rate

  2. They will have many Default Avatars or Avatars looking almost alike…

This is just an Example and I would like to Urge Roblox to please do something about these games and Terminate the people who bot their games. Due to these botted games the games that should be on the Front Page are being not getting Recognized.

Thank you for reading. :sweat_smile: I will try be more brief in my Future posts.

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