The Roblox Asean Community

Hello, Let me introduce myself first!

Hello, I am Kinny you can called me Kin. I’m from Thailand
I don’t accept friend request on ROBLOX unless you are my real friends or I have some business with you like editing games together, etc.
I am Project manager of many community and game. I’m not good at development much but I have bit skills about moderation, manage and graphic, Thanks.

Hello, and welcome to ROBLOX Asean Community!
Abbreviations : RAC , Roblox Asean
The Founder and Leader of ROBLOX Asean Community : PrinceKinny

The Asean Countries
: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Laos

We are the community that include all people who are ASEAN countries.
And this group or this project for communication and service in Asean countries. In the Roblox Community, it is not intended as a copyright treaty and not for any profit.

There’s no Discord or community server for this group, but when we are big we will make one.

Roblox Group : Roblox Asean Community - Roblox
Group Membership : Roblox Asean Group Membership - Roblox
This is the game that will be the group application, Group manager will accept the member request and give them the their Asean’s countries roles.

If you are in Asean, don’t forget to join us!
If something goes wrong I must really apologize, about my Grammar etc.