The roblox studio devhub is in french

I am a french person but i have set my whole computer to be english and on the websites as well
when i load in the devhub elemnts of the page are in french, I hate french when coding because of its lack of precision, that is why i do not understand why roblox decided to load the translated page instead of the regular one i used to have. Here’s some screenshots to complement the report :

(Notice the Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub FR/FR /reference/engine/classes/TextButton)

It shouldnt be there as i have set my langauge to english by default :

(Also notice the fact that this bug is only happening while reading on this kind of forum)


#help-and-feedback:scripting-support can’t provide much assistance for you about this.

If you wish to report is as a bug, please sent it as a DM to @Bug-Support

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Except that i cannot go to the right place to post my title

I have the same problem, I think you might need to do deepsearching until you find the english version of it. I know its dumb

Hello @CaptainDragon7895 , can you verify if you are still experiencing this issue?

yeah I get this too, I change fr-fr to en-us to fix it

Well now it is not systematic but sometimes it still happens

The bug is now fixed according to @TooManyOveralls

I hope that it’s completely resolved, but if you find that the issue is still occurring still occasionally, please feel free to ping this thread again and we can look into it what may be triggering it to default back to french.

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