The Scorch - Game Information


Welcome to The Scorch, a post-apocalyptic border game first started about a year ago, and currently still in early development. Please keep that in mind!


In the year 2031, massive solar flares ravaged the planet and turned much of it into the wastelands known as the Scorch.

Years later, with insufficient food and water for the surviving population, the remaining governments banded together and unleashed the Flare Virus as a means of population control. However, the Flare Virus soon fell out of control and it was discovered that it turned those infected into ‘Cranks’.

With civilization collapsing completely, the last governments created WICKED, whose sole mission is to find a cure for the Flare Virus and save humanity. In the search for a cure, there was a certain group of teenagers found who were immune to the virus. WICKED is currently capturing and studying all immunes for their cure research.


Join WICKED and defend the last bastions of humanity in search for a cure, or join The Right Arm resistance and stop WICKED’s dangerous experiments on innocent people, or forge your own path as a scorchlander.

Loot scrap scattered around the map and then return to a settlement and buy weapons or items in the 1-life scrap shops. If you want access to a greater range of weapons permanently, then open up the menu and navigate to the “SHOP” tab, where Robux gamepasses are located. You will permanently spawn with gamepasses in your inventory.

Mine ore, chop trees, fish, or raid. All these activities increase your XP. See the unlocks tab for what perks you get as you level up!

Be careful as you roam the scorch. Certain areas of the settlement spawn areas are “safe zones”, but it is a lawless land out there. Be wary of WICKED patrols, for they might take you in their trials for a cure.

Credits : Including total list of those who were contracted for the project, including minor 1-time commissions or major ones.

Lead Developer (scripting, UI, animations): Silentude
Building: @gbug , @RoxaneAurore , AlausSamus , @justinlampkin , @KwadarthVlogs
Modeling: @Alectfenrir123 , MrSupportMr , NovaDoesntApprove , TallRoblox1 , GalaxyOrigins , Muzishi, @Nredly @copuni , @The_Juqebox , @gbug , @DzPlayer0123 , Neaddi
Clothing: @Valkenheim , Albanian_Godd , @Diviniite

The aforementioned assets belong solely to WCKD. The premise of the game is inspired from various border games around the genre, with the story being based heavily on the Maze Runner. Please contact me if there are any questions.


  1. Exploiting of any form is prohibited
  2. Harassing other players or interrupting group events is prohibited
  3. Players are expected to follow the directions of admins or group HRs
  4. Players may be removed at the game at the discretion of admins or group HRs
  5. More to come…