The second version of my logo

V3: V3 + 4 of my logo

This is a v2 of my first logo I posted yesterday. Not much else to say.

Please give actual feedback intstead of hearts. Thanks!


Maybe change the Q in Quest to an egg, nice job :+1:


The text should be in more of the style of the rest of the stuff. Also, a suggestion is maybe have an egg hidden in one of those trees back there.


The text’s quality is not consistent with the rest of the logo, try downgrading it or making the background have a less grainy and more smooth look.

The text, tree colors, and floating islands would be better if it had brighter and more saturated colors to make it stand out more, the colors feel dull to me.

The floating islands look really repetitive because it’s the same island duplicated twice. You should randomize the size and shape of it to make it more natural.

The floating island outlines are sticking out of the actual logo.

Good work overall.

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Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully another version will come in 1-2 days.