The Seven Kingdoms | Community Regulations

Rules and Regulations

In order to have the best experience possible please adhere to the following rules and regulations. We aim to provide a positive user experience in our community. We send our thanks in advance for your compliance with the following listed below.

Random killing of others is against the law of the kingdom. If you are seen doing this action proper punishment will be administered by a game administrator. This punishment may result in being jailed in game or administrative action. The reason this is not allowed is that it can make a negative impact on a players experience when they are killed over and over again.

You must wear appropriate clothing that matches the genre. An example of this may be proper house clothing. A bad example would be a higher rank wearing a package to troll people around King’s Landing. Non-genre clothing is also prohibited inside the Red Keep. It may result in jail time or punishment.

Any abuse of the name commands (/name) will result in your name either being removed or administrative action. The naming system is for proper formats of house roles and a role-play name. Any use of the name system which goes against another player will be dealt with immediately.

Going against the Roblox Terms of Use such as bullying or exploiting will result in removal from the game from an administrator. Please abide by all Community Rules set out by the Roblox Corporation.

All duels are to be kept inside the dueling circle. Please do not use combat behavior inside the safe area. Doing so may result in punishment.

The only official houses are those allied to the Seven Kingdoms. If there is a problem of a house impersonating an official house please contact an administrator or coordinator of the group.

In order to become an official house, you must follow the checklist here.

More community rules and regulations may be added overtime. For further information please see the administrators of the group.

Last updated: 3/10/19

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