The Shack (SHOWCASE) Feedback

Hey I just made a new showcase called “The Shack” which is currently in Earlier Development it includes, Scripting (Custom Tool Bar, mouse cursor and a custom shutdown GUI and first person body view) and builds.

custom backpack shot
Play the game for yourself here!


Again this is a quick game I made under 1 hour so it isn’t the best.

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Looks good so far, it’s extremely open, maybe try using these.

  • Rocks
  • Trees
  • Other Houses

This is very excellent! I don’t see anything that needs changed. Keep up the good work.

for a game that was made under 1 hour, looks awesome!

however if you’d like to add more onto this, you can add trees, maybe even lamp posts, rocks, fog and maybe even a skybox

other than that, good job! keep up the awesome work