The site does not show me in game

This is my first post so I apologize in advance for any incorrect formatting.

For a while now, whenever I go in-game, my profile shows the online icon for website, not the in-game icon.

A few relevant details:
-Google Chrome, Windows 10
-I am not using any plug-ins, except Adblock, which whitelists Roblox.
-Happens all the time, both public and private games
-Follow settings are on Friends
-Has been happening since december I think, but did not bring up prior to now because a) Wasn’t bothering me at the time because I don’t ask friends to follow very often b) Was not a full member of the Dev Forums. Didn’t bother emailing because I didn’t see it as an emergency.
-Attempted logging out and logging back in again since I am online daily and sometimes magic happens when you do that. No such luck.
-I am not logged in anywhere else but my browser and studio, which the latter automatically logs in given I play a game or two before working.
-I do not use the roblox mobile app, or use Xbox One.

I’m usually in studio all the time or doing something else but playing games with friends with this bug is almost impossible unless I pay for VIP Servers.

EDIT: Just tested on Microsoft Edge. Same issue.



Hey, we’ll be fixing this. But just to double check:
Can you go in game and ask your friends to look at your Presence in chat? Make sure you stay in game and don’t go back to the website to check your profile or anything.

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Says I’m online on the website for my friends as well. Doesn’t show the in-game icon when I go in-game.


This happens to one of my friends too. It never says when he’s in game, just that he’s online.

Hello! May I wonder if there is an update? I am currently experiencing this issue.

Edit: Apologies, I did not realise this topic was 7 years ago. I think it might be the 13+ games issue where friends under 13 wouldn’t see the game that I’m playing. Will update.