The Sith Order | Official Handbook


The Sith Order

1. Table of Contents

  • 1. Table of Contents
  • 2. Laws of the Land
  • 3. Training Guide
  • 4. Promotion Process
  • 5. Sith Curriculum
  • 6. Divisions of the Sith Order

  • 2. Laws of the Land

  • Law of Conservation:
      The harming of fellow Sith, Allies, Division members, and Visitors is forbidden, unless when taking part in an honorable duel or when acting in self defense.

      Harming the protected parties may be permitted in an official event that calls for such actions (Tournaments, Practice Raids, etc)

  • Law of Impropriety:
      Flaming, Insulting, Racism, Immaturity Rude remarks directly aimed at an individual's appearance, beliefs, rank, family, or personal issues is strictly prohibited. We are to remain an open and welcoming community. INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

  • Law of Domain:
      The Tombs of the Valley of the Dark Lords will remain inaccessible to anyone under the rank of Sith Initiate. Sith Acolytes may enter the tombs only during an official event, hosted by a Sith Overseer+

      There will be no entrance into the Dark Council chambers, unless invited in by a Dark Councilor+. Alternatively, if a hostile runs into the Council chambers, anyone above an Advanced Path rank may enter to deal with the hostile, but they must immediately exit the premises once dealt with.

  • Law of Assurance:
      Any action that directly or indirectly puts a fellow Sith in harm's way will not be taken lightly.

      There will be no aiding hostiles in any way, be it allowing entrance into the Academy or leading astray your fellow Sith who are searching for said hostile.

      Joining the Hostile team requires permission by a Darth+

  • Law of Tradition:
      All members of the Sith Order are to keep a Star Wars themed appearance at all times while inside a group map. Everyone under the rank of Sith Master are to maintain their appearance via in-game morphs. Sith Masters and up are allowed to refuse a morph; however, they must still maintain a Star Wars themed appearance.

      While in the presence of a Darth or higher, it is customary to bow. Etiquette states that you stay in a bow position until they give you the command to rise, or until they walk away.

  • Law of Sanction:

      Sith Knights and all Advanced Paths are allowed to take on a single Apprentice at any given time.

      Sith Overseers, Sith Masters, and Sith Lords are allowed to have up to two Apprentices.

      Darths and Dark Councilors may take on a maximum of three Apprentices at any given time.

      Members of the Powerbase and higher may take on as many Apprentices as they wish, within reason and for any reason.

  • Law of Mistreatment:
      Any kind of abuse of power will lead to severe punishments. This includes, but is not limited to, free ranking, abusing authority, admin abuse, etc.

      While this section of the Law is more applicable to High Ranking members of the Sith Order, this law binds us all. It is frowned upon for anyone to abuse their power, but it is especially illegal when someone of stature does so.

      Glitching is not allowed, and exploiting will result in an IMMEDIATE ban.

  • Law of Promotion: All members of the Sith Order is required to know what is expected of them to achieve their own promotion.

      Should anyone fail a training, there will be no negative side-effects. Failing a trial, however, can have some hefty drawbacks. Depending on the rank you were trialing for, you will be forced to take a period of sabbatical. Generally the higher the rank, the longer the wait time.

      When an individual passes a training, they will receive either a PM or a whisper message from the host with the following message: “You have passed my training as a on .” Once this PM is received, the one who passed the training may use it for their promotion, once they are the proper rank to use that kind of training.

  • 3. Training Guide

    Five minutes prior to starting a training session, the host will announce it in our Discord server’s event announcement channel. Once the five minutes are up, the event will begin and no late-comers will be allowed entrance into the Training.

    There are Two different kinds of training sessions; Initiations and Combat Trainings.

    Initiations are meant to orient new group members to our laws and our promotion process. As such, the following will be addressed in each Initiation:

      - Recite the Sith Code
      - Laws of the Land
      - Promotion Process

    Combat Trainings are meant to prepare new group members for the hardship of combat in the Sith Order. As such, the following will be addressed in each Combat Training:

      - Recite the Sith Code
      - 7 Forms of Lightsaber Combat
      - Lightsaber mechanics
      - Examination (Dueling followed by a quiz)

      4. Promotion Process

      Force Sensitive: Default rank given to all new members of the Sith Order

      Sith Minion: Attend and pass an Initiation

      Sith Acolyte: Attend and pass a Combat Training

      Sith Initiate: Survive and pass the Initiate Trials on Korriban

      Sith Apprentice: Must have been an Initiate for at least three days, and have found a Knight+ to train them in the ways of the Force

      Sith Knight: Must have passed their Knight Trials. To quality for the Knight Trials, a Sith Apprentice must have been under the tutelage of their master for at least two weeks. Then their master must put in a request for their Apprentice to be trialed, which is done by Sith Masters+ and may not be done by the Apprentice’s own master.

        The Knight Trial consists of the following:
        • Recite Sith Code by heart
        • Win 1/3 duels against your trialer
        • Get 4/5 questions correct regarding the Laws of the Sith Order

      Advanced Path (Sorcerer): Must have been a Sith Knight for at least 1 week before requesting their Sorcerer trial. Because Sorcerers were the scholars of the Sith Order, delving into the deepest reaches of the Dark Side, their trial is more so focused around knowledge than combat proficiency.

        The Sorcerer trial consists of the following:
        • Know 3 forms of lightsaber combat and describe them
        • Perform two forms of lightsaber combat
        • Win 1/3 duels against your trialer
        • Write four case studies on a Sith Order topic
        • Write a paragraph on the Sith Inquisitor

      Advanced Path (Assassin): Must have been a Sith Knight for at least 1 week before requesting their Assassin trial. Assassins balance their lives between unlocking the ancient secrets of the Dark side and honing their combat skills. Their trial shows this relationship.

        The Assassin trial consists of the following:
        • Know 5 forms of lightsaber combat and describe them
        • Perform 3forms of lightsaber combat
        • Win 2/3 duels against your trialer
        • Write two case studies on a Sith Order topic
        • Write a paragraph on the Sith Inquisitor

      Advanced Path (Warrior): Must have been a Sith Knight for at least 1 week before requesting their Warrior trial. Sith Warriors were the might of the Order, boasting combat proficiency able to dispatch masses of soldiers.

        The Warrior trial consists of the following:
        • Know and describe all 7 forms of lightsaber combat in order and describe them
        • Perform four lightsaber forms of your choosing
        • Win 3/3 duels against your trialer
        • Write one case study on a topic of the Sith Order
        • Write a paragraph on the Sith Warrior

      Sith Overseer: Must have been an Advanced Path knight for at least two weeks before requesting their Overseer trial. This is where the trials start to get difficult.

        The Overseer's trial consists of the following:
        • Challenge a Sith Master+ and beat them in combat
        • Write a case study on the Sith Code’s meaning
        • Write a case study on the founding of the Sith Order
        • Duel your trialer and win 3/5 times
        • Shadow one of each training types

      Sith Master: Must have been a Sith Overseer for at least two weeks before requesting their Master trials.

        The Sith Master's trial consists of the following:
        • Co-Host one of each training
        • Write a case study on what it means to be a Sith
        • Write a case study on the Force
        • Win 3/3 duels with your trialer
        • Complete two made up scenarios
        • Receive at least 10 approvals from other Sith Master+

        From this point on, trials will be hosted by a member of at least 1 rank higher than the rank that the individual is trialing for.

        Sith Lord: Must have been a Sith Master for at least three weeks before requesting their Lord trials. From here on, individuals being trialed require what’s known as an Approval. These are simply tokens of acknowledgement given by Darths+ which can be attained a number of ways. Just ask them how you can earn their approval and they’ll offer their own task that needs accomplishing.

          Sith Lord trials consist of the following:
          • Must be in good standing with the community
          • Prove your dueling skills and win 4/5 duels with your trialer
          • Write 5 case studies on a TSO topic
          • Pass 3 made up scenarios
          • Receive 10 approvals from those Sith Lord+

        Darth: Must have been a Sith Lord for at least one month. This is the highest attainable rank by trials, and as such is the hardest to complete.

          The Darth trial consists of the following:
          • Must be in good standing with the community
          • Write 3 case studies on any Sith Order topic
          • Write a 1000 word essay about your journey with the Sith Order and what you’ve learned
          • Win 6/10 duels against a Dark Councilor
          • Have a majority vote in your favor by the Dark Council to determine your passing

        Dark Council: There are only two ways to become a Dark Council member. One is to have a unanimous vote by the current Dark Council members. The other is to be appointed by the Sith Emperor himself.

        Powerbase: The only way to attain this rank is to be appointed to it by the Sith Emperor.

        5. Sith Curriculum

        Sith Code:

        Peace is a lie; there is only passion.
        Through passion, I gain strength.
        Through strength, I gain power.
        Through power, I gain victory.
        Through victory, my chains are broken.
        The Force shall free me.

        Lightsaber Forms:

      • Form I: Shii Cho
      • Form II: Makashi
      • Form III: Soresu
      • Form IV: Ataru
      • Form V: Shien/ Djem so
      • Form VI: Niman
      • Form VII: Juyo

      • 6. Divisions of the Sith Order

        Dark Honor Guard

        The Dark Honor Guard, also known as the Imperial Guard, are a force of elite warriors who serve the Sith Emperor as his protectors and enforcers. The Dark Honor Guard is composed of entirely non-force sensitive individuals mentally bonded to the Emperor; even the Dark Council fear their prowess in combat.

        Current Leader: Markus_Arkron (Profile Link Embedded)


        Sith Inquisitors are the policing force of the Sith Orders. These brave men and women fight to uphold the Laws of the Sith. In contrast to their counterparts, the Sith Warriors, Inquisitors specialized in Force abilities as opposed to martial might, and many would devote much time to researching new skills to survive in the cutthroat Sith political environment. Few acolytes succeeded in becoming Inquisitors. However, those that did proved to be the most determined.

        Current Leader: lordofempire (Profile Link Embedded)

        Dread Masters

        The Dread Masters are six powerful Sith Lords who serve the Dark Lord as prophets, generals, and advisers. They achieve a mastery of the Force unlike any other, and together they are nigh invincible.

        Current Leader: N/A (There is no Appointed head of this division)

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