The Society of Magic | Official Handbook V.6.13


The Society of Magic

1. Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Group Rules
  3. Spell Guide
  4. Class Index
  5. Ranking System

2. Group Rules

A. Spell abuse is allowed everywhere except for safe zones. Safe zones include: classes (inside only), the wand shop, the grand hall, the dorms, spawn, jail and the teleportation hub (accessible via teleport powder).

B. Swearing, NSFW content, discriminatory language or other bad language is unacceptable, as is repeated verbal abuse towards other players or staff, such as threatening others and bypassing the chat filters.

C. Recruiting, advertising, or raiding is not permitted at all. If you have to consider if something is or isn’t any of these things, do not do it.

D. Exploiting, glitching and hacking are also against the rules and can result in an instant ban from all of our games.

E. Impersonating staff, pretending to be a part of the staff team when you are not staff is a violation of the group rules.

F. Spamming the chat will not only result in a warning, but a kick from the server as well.

G. Leaving the server or server hopping to avoid being jailed by a member of the MLE is prohibited.

H. Abusing the !help, !suggest and !report commands, and mass trolling is prohibited.

I. If you witness someone breaking any of these rules, please take a picture or video of the act so it can be used as evidence. When you report them, please give this evidence to the staff member you report them to so your claims are supported.

J. Abuse of the warning system, game system or any other measures that the Society of Magic has put in place is not allowed. Do not try to work around the aforementioned systems with loopholes.

K. Refusal to follow these rules or any directions given by members of staff (direct or otherwise) may result in disciplinary action being taken.

L. Classroom Etiquette

Wands and other tools should be put away during a lesson unless instructed otherwise.
When answering or asking questions students should ask permission to speak (similar to raising your hand).

Please refrain from interrupting lessons.

3. Spell Guide

This segment outlines the spells used in The Society of Magic.
Excessive or abusive use of spells can result in punishment by SoM Staff members of Professor rank or higher.

Using attack spells on innocent students may result in you being hunted by Magical Law Enforcement. Use these spells at your own risk. Using any spell during a classroom lecture, unless otherwise told to do so by a Professor is a distraction and can result in the removal of your wand or your removal from the classroom.

(Incantation) Used to remove the lights made by Lutick.

(Incantation) Unlocks doors.

(Incantation) Used to reveal hidden messages and objects.

(Incantation) Spell used for transmutation to turn any object into a knight statue.

(Incantation) Spell used to summon a blast of water from the wand.

Ave Victima-
(Incantation) Sends the target rocketing upwards.

(Incantation) Conjures a group of birds above the user.

Avis Speculo-
(Incantation) A spell used for transmutation and can turn any object into a fragile glass bird.

(Incantation) A spell that creates a huge, fiery dragon that burns anything that crosses its path.

(Combat Spell) Combat Spell that causes target to explode, dealing damage.

(Incantation) Changes the color of any object.

(Incantation) Spell that locks doors.

(Combat Spell) Combat spell that causes target to explode, dealing damage.

(Incantation) A cleaning spell. Used to help clean after feasts.

(Combat Spell) Target becomes confused and loses control. Can be amplified with Maximus affecting a group of targets.

(Incantation) Creates a puddle of green goo that causes those who step in it to become stuck.

(Incantation) Takes light away from their main sources.

(Counter-spell) Causes the effects of Suspetta to be negated. In other words, it cancels out Suspetta, returning target to the ground.

(Combat Spell) Combat spell that causes the target to explode, dealing high damage.

(Combat Spell) Used to break any shield, (Preserva, Preserva Maximus, or blocking) instantly.

(Combat Spell) Combat spell that sends target flying and causes damage upon impact.

(Incantation) Turns small objects into dragons. Use it on yourself and you’ll have a fire-breathing dragon head!

(Incantation) Transforms small objects into ducks.

(Incantation) Entraps the target in a bubble. Can be reversed by Finire.

(Incantation) This spell increases the size of your head. Now you can have a big head.

(Healing) Minor healing spell that restores lost hitpoints. Can have the opposite effect of harm if used on a full-health individual.

(Combat Spell) Combat spell that causes severe pain and harm to target, stunning them.

(Counter-spell) Counter-spell that removes most negative effects from the target.

(Combat Spell) Combat spell that hurls target into the air and deals damage.

(Incantation) A purely aesthetic spell that causes flowers to sprout from the wand. Can be modified by Maximus creating a garden.

(Incantation) Spell that freezes targets in their path!

(Combat Spell) Slows down walkspeed and casting speed. Can be stacked.

(Combat Spell) Combat spell that causes target to be set on fire and deals damage. Can be amplified by adding the word Maximus causing a firestorm.

(Combat Spell) Binds the target in a rope.

(Incantation) Relight objects that has their light source removed.

(Combat Spell) Combat spell that decreases target’s walk speed (slowed down).

Lapis Parma-
(Incantation) A spell used for transmutation to turn any object into a stone sword.

Lapis Gladio-
(Incantation) A spell used for transmutation to turn any object into a shield.

(Incantation) Sends the target rocketing upwards.

(Counter-spell) Extinguishes the wand, or cancels out Lux.

(Incantation) A variation of Lux that sticks to the area you are aiming.

(Incantation) Creates light at the end of the wand to illuminate dark spaces. Can be modified with Maximus to greatly increase illumination.

Mal Mortus-
(Combat Spell) Combat spell that delivers lethal damage to target player.

(Incantation) Spell used to turn the user invisible. Can be countered with Revelare.

(Incantation) Spell that turns any large animals into a pig.

(Combat Spell) Creates a magical shield-barrier that negates all damage and combat spells.

(Incantation) A spell that reduces the size of one’s head. Use this spell to get a shrinking head.

(Healing Spell) Major healing spell that restores lost hit points.

(Incantation) Spell used to counter the invisibility spell in the area the caster targets.

(Combat Spell) Combat spell that causes target to be paralyzed.

(Combat Spell) Combat spell that cuts target and deals damage. Can sever limbs, forcing the target to have to respawn in order to replace lost limb(s).

(Incantation) Sends out a red flare into the sky that bursts into fireworks. Caution when using indoors, as it is very bright, loud, and flashy.

(Incantation) Conjures a bright beam of light.

(Incantation) Puts the target to sleep. Target will re-awaken upon taking damage. Can be modified with Maximus, affecting multiple targets.

(Combat Spell) Combat spell that stuns and damages the target.

(Incantation) Causes the target to be hoisted in the air and stuck in place.

(Incantation) Spell that makes objects disappear.

(Combat Spell) Combat spell that removes the equipped tool of any target. Whether that tool is a wand, cape, broom, or otherwise.

(Incantation) Used to make an object reappear after it has magically disappeared.

4. Class Index

This document describes the many classes taught to students in The Society of Magic.

A class the focuses on the study of planets and stars. Wands not necessary.

Magical Zoology
The study of various species of magical creatures. Emphasizes their behavior, habitat, and necessary care to maintain them. Wands not necessary.

A class that teaches students how to cast spells, focusing on dueling etiquette, offensive, and defensive combat spells.

A class to teaches students how to use non-combat spells. Any and all spells not taught in other classes can be taught here.

The class that teaches students the intricacies of the talent of foresight. Wands are not required.

The study of plant-life and nature, specifically the distinction between magical plants, the steps to nurture them, and the uses of said plants. Wands not required.

Studies of Time
Teaches the history of world of magic, with an emphasis on the structure of The Society of Magic and current world affairs. Wands are not necessary.

The practice and training of students to master their unique form of flight. Necessary for ease of access and transportation. Wands are not necessary.

A class teaching the uses and recipes for many different potions. Wands not required.

Class focused on changing the appearance or form of objects, people, or creatures. Requires the physical practice of magic. Wands are optional.

5. Ranking System

Any individual is free to play Vale School of Magic. However, those who commit to more immersive roleplay may be interested in joining the community Roblox group, to progress through lore ranks to unlock unique perks.

In the Society of Magic, we believe in empowering our students to seek adventure, knowledge, and greatness. We want to teach them to become excellent duelists, masters of spells, and the best magicians they can be. As such, there will be 7 years of students with special privileges that unlock as each student progresses.

There are three ways to get promoted as a student. You only need to complete two of the three requirements to rank up.

Students and Graduate Members

1st Year Students are new group members.
Requirements: Join the roblox group.

2nd Year Students receive a free permanent wand to pursue their studies.
Requirements: 3 Classes and 3 hours in-game

3rd Year Students are eligible to represent their house in official events like tournaments. They also receive the ability to vote in house elections.
Requirements: 10 Classes and 9 hours in-game

4th Year Students are the next level of upperclassmen.
Requirements: 22 Classes and 19 hours in-game

5th Year Students can run for Student Government (means they’re one of the leaders)
Requirements: 40 Classes and 34 hours in-game

6th Year Students are close to graduation.
Requirements: 65 Classes, 55 hours in-game, or Graduation Test Part One.

7th Year Students are considered veteran wizards and are on their last leg to graduation. Requirements: 98 Classes, 83 hours in-game, or Graduation Test Part Two

Graduates are full-fledged wizards or witches. They are no longer required to attend classes. They are allowed to apply for Professor if there are vacancies.
Requirements: 138 Classes, 117 hours in-game, or Graduation Test Part Three.

Faculty and Staff

Interns are new staff members. They are usually chosen by application. They are charged with attending training in order to become certified as a fully-initiated staff member, at which point they will receive promotion to Professor.
Requirements: Application

Professors are in charge of teaching students all about the world of magic and are responsible for ensuring that students enjoy a safe and efficient learning environment. They receive moderator-level Adonis permissions to aid their efforts.
Requirements: As an Intern, have the “Confirmed Gifted” role on Discord, attend one general training, one admin training, shadow 3 classes taught be other staff and receive a vouch for each one.

Battlemages are group moderators, responsible for ensuring that rules are followed in all SoM-related places. They have admin-level Adonis permissions.
Requirements: Be appointed by Council or pass an application.

Archmages are group administrators, in charge of running divisions/branches of the group. They work closely with Council to ensure major operations are functioning as intended. They have admin-level Adonis permissions.
Requirements: Hand-selected from Battlemages.

Council is the group of leaders who oversee all SoM affairs, handling any issue that moderators struggle to deal with while planning for the future.
Requirements: Hand-selected from Battlemages or Archmages via Council vote.

Developer Team

Contractors are temporary developers, given one-time jobs or temporary contracts by The Society of Magic and special permissions to complete their tasks.
Requirements: Application for Developer Job.

Developers are the primary and committed developers of SoM, working diligently to address all issues with the game and group and introducing exciting new updates.
Requirements: Hand-picked by RedByDesign

Head Developers are individuals selected to head up project teams and to direct other community developers towards group goals.
Requirements: Hand-picked by RedByDesign.


RedByDesign, the founder, owner, and leader of the Society of Magic community, staff, and developer team.


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