The Solution to 'background-position' on ROBLOX Badges

I’ve seen a few posts in regards to this site bug on profiles. This is caused when using Google Chrome on a somewhat larger monitor like mine. (1920x1080):

So here’s how I fixed it:

Rummaging through Inspect elements I was able to find a very simple solution to this.

span class=“icon-administrator” title=“Administrator”>

Now we look at the Styles:

(These are some insane width pixels that won’t always work with Chrome zoom.)

Let’s change it to:

background-position: 100% -840px

And tada:




mfw the roblox staff hasn’t been able to patch it in months and a dev finds a solution in a day


It’s some super simple css stuff. I don’t see how they could’ve missed it either. :upside_down:

I can imagine that this is 1 of those things on the back burner rather than a case of being unable to solve the issue.
I know that at my workplace, some things that take 2 minutes to solve are delayed to release because of all sorts of red tape. Then you have issues that are really minor so get held up for months because no one cares enough about it.


How can you live like that? That’s like dropping a glass plate in the middle of the room and thinking to yourself: “Eh, i’m too busy to clean it up. I’ll just walk around the shards for the next few months, no biggie.”

It would be naive to say that they should work on a certain thing when none of us have a full overview of all their tasks and priorities. In software development you prioritise and estimate all of your tasks, so they have good reason to work on the things they’re working on right now.

And this kind of fix would be more like removing a coffee stain from a carpet rather than picking up glass pieces: it’s not a critical or serious bug at all, it’s just a visual glitch when you’re zoomed in/out or at weird resolutions.

Welcome to business, where there are far more tasks than people to do them.
Think of the whole room as being glass shards, we generally try to pick up the pointy ones before we pick up the non-pointy ones.

I can imagine you have some sort of bug tracker for your games where you prioritise things too.

@Lilly_S Could you close this topic? The site bug has been fixed. :slight_smile: