The Space Frontier Beta update has been released! Feedback wanted!

Game link: Space Frontier (Development ended) - Roblox

Two years ago, I posted this Alpha Space Frontier. A year long project - need feedback!.

After almost three long years of working on this game, I have finally released it into beta (It’s been in alpha for over two years now!).

Progress has been slow I’ll admit, as about 8 months alone were spent just converting the game to work with filtering enabled, and many more months have been spent just fixing the countless bugs that were caused by this process. (First time using filtering enabled).

But, I’m happy to say that the game is finally in a state where I am happy to call it a beta.


Anyways, I’d love it if some of you guys played it and told me what you thought of it! Be as honest as you want, my feelings won’t be hurt. :slight_smile:

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Leave any extra feedback/questions below!


I just played through the tutorial and almost died on my first planet XD but I really enjoyed it! The game concept is interesting and its fun to fly around an explore. I really liked the map, being able to zoom in and see each planet; (and they were moving :open_mouth:) that felt authentic, and being able to tag something in your radar was cool. Overall the game was enjoyable, but I haven’t played enough to scratch the surface, I think I’ll probably come back and play again. (I also only tried one gun and didn’t attempt PvP so I can’t say much about the combat system other than… shooting my gun works.)

Some things I noticed:

  • I like to hold my right mouse button as I walk and steer with the mouse. Sometimes it would get stuck and I’d have to right click again to move the camera (while not holding a gun).
  • The tutorial text was very slow, for some sections I had to wait for each letter to print to read it.
  • Do the ships have reverse? I crashed into the space station and had a hard time backing up, moving backwards didn’t seem to work, I had to spin around in circles instead.
  • I can’t turn hyper speed off once activated until the meter runs out (that’s how I crashed XD)
  • The environments seemed a bit static with low detail, which was fine, but I personally like high detail environments. I assume your trying to reduce lag since there are so many worlds. Do you load them locally and only load the currently active environment?

I enjoyed playing this, great work so far!

Glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback!

I too hold the rmb to move the camera as I walk. I don’t have that problem - but maybe that is a bug that I need to work out?

Yes it is. Gonna make it a bit faster, I just worry that some players won’t read it if it is quicker.

The ships dont have revers although holding s will slow the ship down to a stop.

Hyper speed is that way intentionally - but honestly, I might change that soon. Originally I had thought that if you used it all at once it would make it less common for players to use to avoid fighting with other players/police ships.

The low detail is something that is very hard to avoid when generating the planets in the way that I do. (And, also, I’m an awful builder… so I tend to rely on just generating stuff that looks decent through code).

They are only generated and loaded into workspace when visited, yes.

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My friend is obsessed with this game already and forced me to check it out :upside_down_face:. For the sake of improvement, I’m going to be purposely picky here. I’ve only played a little bit of it so far so I can’t really judge a whole lot, but currently my only major qualm is with the chunky UI. It’s fine for a beta, but I hope you plan on eventually changing it up a little bit, especially with the shop gui at the space station and the giant health and stamina bars. A lot of the buttons and displays seem far too big and in my face.Otherwise, it’s a pretty interesting concept! As I said, my friend enjoys it immensely.

I agree on the UI needing work, although chances are it won’t be improved too soon (So much of it is hard-coded in, modifying it takes ages! I’ve got a lot of bug fixing and general improvements to do before then. I’ve learned a lot about what not to do when creating guis from making this game).

Any more feedback guys? i appreciate what has been given so far - and if any of the more negative viewers could tell me what they think the games biggere problems were, I’d be super greatful!

Also, just wanted to say that I had found out that while posting this there were several game breaking bugs taht had just been created going around (Constant loud wind sound, guns breaking, missions not working, planets not loading sometimes) and I’ve fixed the first three issues so far. Sorry if you had run into any of those!