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The Sparkle Time Studio is an indie development studio on which provides access to games and content created by the developer, Evercyan, from before the new decade (<2020).

Many games hosted in this studio are older games from 2012-2018 which were created by Evercyan and many of his older accounts including CyanSparkleTime. All of these games were recovered either from backups or old friends of mine.


(2013) The Legend of Destructo RPG is an RPG game created by me sometime in 2013 on my terminated account, CyanSparkleTime. This game, one of my first ever games, was created with the help of assets from both Kitteh6660 and PigZombieFlash and was heavily inspired from Minecraft, HiroLeaugeEditor’s ‘Gino Teh Raha’, and RetroInfinity’s ‘Legend of Creeper’s Kingdom’, now known as ‘Legend of the Fallen Kingdom 1’. It did contain copyrighted content in the earlier versions but has been replaced with original IP while still having the feel of the old game. I might release an even older version than the one that is currently up (~2014-2015) with the original with the copyrighted content removed from the game for anyone who is an OG who played it in its early days in 2013.

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(2014) The Legend of Mortus RPG is an RPG game created by me in early 2014 on CyanSparkleTime. This game was my first ever game to take off in popularity when it broke a record-shattering 12,000 concurrent (back when only egg hunts ever reached those numbers). This is my second most known game and has quite a few stolen copies out there. You can still find a fake uncopylocked edition on the website. Mortus was inspired by some older and hardly popular RPGs that I used to enjoy playing in my free time years back. One known game was ‘The Legend of Calezerb’s Sword’ by DrChowderr. It has yet to be released for playing in TSTS but it should be public soon.

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(2014) The Legend of Sombrius RPG is an RPG game created by me (CyanSparkleTime) and SolidDare, an old developer friend. This game is only known by very few back when LuaModelMaker’s admin was a popular admin choice. Be aware that this game does contain copied assets from darkness999999’s ‘The Lost Souls RPG’ which is the original Lost Souls copy. Also be aware that I do have rights to use his content since it was accessed from an uncopylocked copy which can still be found today. This game does use horrible coding practices and is highly unstable because of how old it is. It has yet to be released for playing in TSTS but it should be public in the near future.

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