The Staff Needs to Respond More Frequently to Feature Requests

Hello everyone,

Lately, I have seen a huge decline in responses to feature request topics from official staff members (mainly #platform-feedback:engine-features and #platform-feedback:studio-features). I am very aware of the fact that the size of the staff is significantly smaller than that of the player base. However, a month or so is well over enough time for them to view and respond to what developers want to add to the platform. And yet, there are feature requests from last year that are basically left to rot away in the corner.

Right now, if you go to the engine features and the studio features categories and explore a little, you will find that a good majority of topics created are essentially neglected. Most don’t even have any replies (let alone a response from the staff), and some that do have replies are from other developers adding on to the topic and/or questioning it (but usually no staff response whatsoever).

As I said before, the team running this platform is relatively small and they have to manage a lot (especially now due to the lockdown), and I respect that. But, that does not mean that feature requests should be completely ignored. I mean some of them are well supported by the community and are nothing but beneficial to the platform, and yet they have zero responses from the staff.

If replying takes too long, then the staff should at least show that they viewed the topic and took it into consideration (by liking it, for example).


Feature requests are lacking the attention they deserve from the Roblox staff. As a platform that runs on “user-generated” content, one of Roblox’s top priorities must be to take feedback and ideas from its users into consideration. To be honest, having a feature request declined is a whole lot better than not having any response at all.

It’s time that Roblox recalls its iconic “user-generated” aspect.

Hopefully, other developers feel the same way too,
and have a great time.


Hear, hear. Even a like would go a long way, as currently we have no way of knowing if staff members have even seen our feature requests. Being more open about what’s on the roadmap (say, having a live one) would also go a long way, of course with a massive disclaimer about it being subject to change.

Edit: I know there’s currently a major feature roadmap, but one that shows smaller features in progress would be pretty neat


I agree. Whenver I see an admin actually respond to one, it’s always by a top contributor :confused: