The Start Of My Roleplay Game

Decided now I will be building it by hand, no terrain, just blocks so these picture’s right here are sorta irrelevant. But I will be working on the new and improved version of the game now.

What do think of this volcano I made?

I made this game on my alt.

Not the best, but it’s a start.

Please don’t make fun of it, just give me a nice opinion.

Changed the volcano to a mountain.
It is going to be an anime adventure game/roleplay.

Calling all Gfx Artist’s!

I will not release the name of the game to you, till the game is public.

I’ll be hosting a contest of a display of originality and creativity, from all of you.

Whoever win’s will have their gfx featured in the game and a statue of some form of the developer.


Think Anime Like

Ideas: Anime, Cartoon

That’s all can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


The volcano is lacking tons of detail. It can be bigger, wider, and have more lava flowing. Otherwise I thought it was a strange boulder with lava on top of it.


Think Anime Like. Idea’s: Anime, Cartoon

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Does anyone know how to change the skybox to a custom image?

Yes! Go to Lighting → Sky and change the asset ids. If there is no Sky, just add one to Lighting

not great. its literally just a clearing with a cracked, molten, rock. this has nothing to do with anime, and it doesn’t look like a volcano. the line of molten rock is also eerily straight.

ok, sure

The volcano of yours looks nothing more than a huge, spikey bolder with a streak of lava flowing down its side. I recommend using an image as a reference.

Terrain is mostly used for realism. It’s best if you learn how to use Blender for cartoony builds.

I’m releasing the name now, Kizikuba Journey To The End.

I just came up with the name loll, I tried searching up names that did not work so I made my own.

Characters: Kizikuba and Zuro

Kizikuba Characteristics: loves the outdoors, rambunctious, kind

Zuro Characteristics: does not like the outdoors, shy, rude, lone wolf

Zuro is Kizikuba’s twin brother.

I have decided that Zuro has a red stripe through his black colored hair and Kizikuba has a blue stripe.

I have now released the info about the character’s.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!