The Story Of The Cozy Cottage

The Cozy Cottage was a game developed in late 2019, and served as a roleplaying game in which a “host” would help 6 players during their stay at The Cozy Cottage. The project has since been abandoned on March 2020. It was developed by ExplorerEven and EclipseStory. It ran entirely on commands, with little effort put into the game.

The game would be separated into days. Each with different events.
First day:
The players prepare to enter the cottage, once there are 6 players waiting, the doors will open and all players must find a room to stay in. Once everybody is situated, they are allowed to explore. After a few minutes, a suspicious (but harmless) dinner will be ready. After dinner, all the players will go to the rooms they picked out. Once everybody is asleep, the players will start to hear the host arguing with somebody. They eventually are all waked up by the host and lead outside, to find that the cottage’s “dog” has turned into a horrifying creature. It begins to demand a sacrifice, to which the host pleads that one will be ready after the guests leave. The host then appears to be killed and the rest of the players black out.
Second day:
On the second day, the players wake up and are left to explore. The creature they saw is now gone, and a pale clone of the host greets them, and says they will start making breakfast. Once breakfast is ready, they are served a good looking (but harmful) meal. Anybody who takes a bite out of it will have their health drained all the way to red and will have a much slower walkspeed for the duration of the game. The fake host then takes them to the river to fish. Anybody who decides to jump in will be swept away by the current and never seen again. The fake host then unpacks lunch for everybody, which will have no effect on anybody. Finally, as night begins to fall, all the guests will go back to their rooms. The fake host explains that they are out of food, and that they will get some more. The players are locked inside of the cottage while the fake host exits. A struggle can be heard outside, and then the fake host enters with some more suspicious food. After eating, they all go to bed. One player is randomly selected to be woken up by the fake host, and taken outside. The creature can be seen again, and the fake host begins to sacrifice that player to it. The other players are brought outside to watch. After it ends, they all black out again.
Final(third) day:
If there are 4 or more players remaining by the end of the day, this will be considered the third day. If there is less than 4 players remaining, this will be the final day. On the third day, the players wake up outside. It’s very foggy, to the point where almost nothing is visible. The fake host will gather up all the remaining guests. If any try to run away or attack, the fake host will kill them. They will be guided into the cottage and locked inside. The fake host explains that it is too dangerous for the world to know what happened that day. The fake host seems to shift through the wall as the guests are left inside for a long time. Suddenly, the roof begins to lower onto the guests slowly. Right as it is about to crush them all, a hole is carved out by a mysterious figure wielding an axe. Any guests that are unable to get out of the cottage in time are crushed. The guests follow the figure onto the roof and then they reveal themselves as the original host. They then explain that they were forced to feed the creature and no longer want to kill anymore. After explaining a little more about what happened, the fake host and creature appear behind them as the world shifts to a reddish glow. All the guests are tied up while the host is flung away. The fake host then shifts into the true version of themselves and mocks the host. If the day is counted as the final day, one player is asked to take the hosts place. If they accept, everybody but that player dies. The new host is then kicked from the game. If they decline, ALL of the players die. If this is the third day, another black out will occur.
Final/True day:
Once the players wakes up again, the fake host explains that all the players will be sacrificed. Once a player is about to be sacrificed, a strange light appears flying through the air. The reddish sky begins to fade to black, and the light then rams into the fake host. Pushing them off into the horizon. The light then returns and lands on the roof. They then materialize into the ghost form of all the killed players, including the host. The ties on the players slip off, and once the ghosts are about to meet with the players, they are smashed by the enraged creature. A wall grows and surrounds the cottage, and the players must survive the creatures chaotic attacks. Once the creature is done, it will start flailing in exhaustion as it runs out of energy. It will then shrink and slam into the ground, allowing the remaining players to escape.

There are extra events that could happen in some of the days, here is a list of them.
During the first day, if the player goes to the back of the cottage where the host is preparing dinner, the host will give them an axe without reason. Killing a player or the host will do nothing, but killing every player and the host will immediately end the game. The fake host or creature cannot be killed, and no players can be killed on the True day.

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