The Story Of WCB's Comeback, Moments From The Season!

The Beginning

WCB Is A Boxing Group That FatPotateo Originally Started In July 2019. The Group Died Impressively Fast. Literally NO People Showed Up To The Events. Along With That There Were Toxic Players, And Many Other Things That Caused The Group To Close After Only 2 Weeks. It’s Been Closed Ever Since. Until June 2022, When The Group Was Re-Opened. With A New System, Culture, Fighters, And Such, WCB Turned Into A Very Successful Group That Everyone Can Look Back On Proudly. Consistent Attendance At Shows, Great Fights, And Most Importantly, Members That Enjoyed Their Time In WCB And Had Fun. Here Are A Couple Of Moments From The Comeback Season.

Absent Becomes WCB’S First Champion In 3 Years

When The Tournaments For Every Title Began, A Hungry Boxer By The Name Of Absent Took Charge. Defeating Every Fighter He Had To Go Thru, En Route To One Of The Most Memorable Wins Of All Time. Winning The WCB Featherweight Championship, And Becoming The First Champion In 3 Years. It Was A Big Celebration, And With That Win, Begun A New Era In The Group. A New Era That Rushed In Quickly, And Changed The Group Forever! Congratulations To Absent!

Jay’s Epic Lag

Jay Was A Boxer That Was Extremely Laggy. It Was So Bad That He Earned The Nickname, “Lagalord”. The Poor Guy’s Entrances Would Be 5 Minutes Long, And To Top It All Off He Teleported Like Nobody Else. Fortunately, He Had All Of The Necessary Skills To Be A Decent Boxer. So He Can Try Again Somewhere Else And Do Good. As Long As He Finds Some Better WiFi That Is. Hilarious Moments Of The Season!

The Funny And Interesting Press Conferences

WCB Press Conferences Are Definitely A Treat. Wether It’s Funny Answers, Goofy Audience Members, Or Wandering Media People. It Was For The Most Part A Cool Experience, And It’s Always Fun To Chop It Up With The Best Boxers In The Group, And Come Together To Talk About The Sport. Definitely Won’t Forget Those!

Many Competitive Fights

Not A Lot Of People Realized It, But WCB Was Very Competitive. There Was A Lot Of Close Fights That Came Down To A Few Points, And Every Show You Could Expect A Nail-Biting Fight. Good Competition Is What Drives A Sports Group To Be Great. It Challenges Each Fighter And Makes It More Fun Overall. It Helps A Group Tremendously! As It Did Ours. So Props To All Of The Fighters For Making It Competitive, With Your Hard Work, Great Skill, And Passion!

WCB Fight Night’s 1K Visit Special

In Mid-July Of 2022, WCB’s Fight Night Game Hit 1,000 Visits. To Celebrate The 1K Visits, WCB Had A Red Team Vs Blue Team Tag Fight. It Was Epic, All Of The Boxers Fought Hard, And Everyone Worked Together. Red Was Destroying Blue. Until Blue Made A Comeback By Eliminating 3 Boxers. It Was Down To 2 New Boxers. 1 Per Team. Blue’s Isaac And Red’s Jabo. Isaac Was Able To Get The Win, Came In Clutch, And Blue Team Won. Another Memorable Win For The Ages! One Of The Best Shows Too!

King’s Path To The Featherweight Championship

King Started Off Like Most Boxers. Trash, Under-Developed, Nervous, And Very In-Experienced. But With Hard Work, Consistency, And Continuous Winning, King Climbed The Featherweight Ranks And Won The Featherweight Championship. Once Boxers Win A Title, They Tend To Get Relaxed. They Underestimate Their Opponents, Not Fight As Hard As They Once Did, And So Forth. But Not King. King Got Even Better And Has Dominated Ever Since. Even When He Loses A Fight, He’s Still Getting Better And Is A Huge Inspiration For New Boxers. King Showed Us The Right Way To Be A Fighter, And A Champion. Congratulations To King For All Of The Success That He Has Had!

Jake’s Phenomenal Run As Welterweight Champion

Jake Was One Of The Most Successful Boxers In WCB. At This Point, Of All Time. He Won Many Fights And Knocked Out Top Tier Opponents. But We Can’t Forget His Phenomenal Run As Welterweight Champion. Jake Became The Longest Reigning Welterweight Champion In WCB History. Holding The Title For 50+ Days. The Longest Reigning Champion Of Any Title As Well. Congratulations To Jake! His Success Also Being A Big Highlight During The Season!

Antonio’s Upset Win Over Drago At WCB PPV: Polar Vs JT III

Antonio Is A Boxer That Has Struggled Thru Out The Season. Being A Punching Bag For Many Boxers, As Well As Switching Names, And Even Quitting For A Short Period Of Time. But Antonio Got His Chance When He Was Scheduled To Go Up Against One Of The Scariest Boxers In WCB History, Drago. Everyone Thought Antonio Would Be Added To Drago’s Collection Of Punching Bags. WRONG. Antonio Was Able To Get In Good Hits, And Play Great Defense By Pulling A Jay. It Got Him The Win As He Scored Higher Than Drago By Just A Little Bit, And Is Now WCB Middleweight As Of July 31st. Congratulations To Antonio! Proving That Anyone Can Be A Champion As Long As They Work Hard And Be Smart!

The Ending

So There You Have It. A Bunch Of Moment’s From WCB’s Comeback Season. A Season That We Thought Would Never Happen. The Crazy Part Is That There Were Hundreds Of More Moments! It Just Goes To Show How Much Fun The Group Was, And How Hard These Boxers Worked To Make WCB The Best Group It Could Be. No Matter What Happens Next, WCB Will Be Remembered As A Group That Was Fun, Competitive, Active, And Awesome To Be Apart Of. It Was Because Of You And The Players. Thank You Everyone For Your Participation! Good Luck In Your Future Adventures. Take Care, Stay Safe, And Have A Great Year!!!