The Trenches of France Information Board

Hello, welcome to the Information Board for the game The Trenches of France. Here you will see updates, rules, and Information about the game itself. The Information Board and the game is under development.

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  • New walking sounds, Webley VI reload animation, Mill’s Bomb animation, and small bug fixes.

Development Previews:

Gameplay Information:

  • Type of gameplay:
    • The game is a realistic and historical Multiplayer First Person Shooter based on the Battle of the Somme which was fought during WW1 on the western front by the British and the Germans.
  • Controls:
    • Left Click: Fire, Bandage, Throw, and Swing
    • Right Click: Aim
    • Control: Crouch
    • Left Shift: Sprint
    • F: Bayonet
    • R: Reload
    • B: Change Barrel
    • V: Fire Select
  • Warning:
    • This game contains content not suitable for children under 13+.
  • Maps
    • Battle of Bazentin Ridge
      • No info until further Development
    • Battle of Deville Wood
      • No info until further Development
  • Gamemode
    • The main game mode of the game is to capture four objectives marked
      with a flag and the letters A, B, C, and D.
  • Classes
    • Infantry
      • Rank: All
    • Support
      • Rank: All
    • Squad Leader
      • Rank: 6
    • Sharpshooter
      • Rank: All
    • Medic (Unavailable until further development)
      • Rank: All
  • Weapons
    • SMLE No.1 MKIII:
    • Webley MKVI:
    • Lewis Gun:
    • Gewehr 98:
    • P08:
    • MG08:


  • All Roblox Community Standards apply here
  • Do not discourage role-playing
    • Although the game is a PVP first-person shooter we do not discourage role-playing.


  • Access
    • Open to PC players
  • Development status
    • In Beta

History Information:

  • The game is based on the Battle of the Somme which was fought on the western
    front against Germany. The game has two locations
    Bazentin Ridge and Deville Wood in France.