The trolling issue on the dev forum

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to use the dev forum without interruptions

I see constant post that are very vulgar and offensive, some even including anti Semitic images and pornography in some cases.
I get on the dev forum, then I see a few posts with vulgar titles and people spamming the normal posts with 18+ content. That absolutely no one wants to see. And sadly, occurrences like this are pretty common.
How could forum engineers fix this?
Do not allow accounts that are under the age of 160 days. This will stop some trollers.
Another way of stopping trollers is, taking action against their actual roblox account. This may deter a large sum of trollers from causing mayhem on the development forum.
This will benefit all developers on the dev forum.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because the general quality of the forum would be better.

After thinking about it, I don’t think there would be any realistic way to stop trolls.
160 days? That’d stop a lot of potentially good developers/new developers from joining the forum.


Honestly that’s a bit long, most trollers are typically immature children or teenagers with very short attention spams and lack of patience. No one’s going to want to wait 5 and a half months to troll on the Developer Forum and get suspended in a couple hours.


That’s the point.

Perhaps that could be lowered to at least 1 or 1 1/2 month.


Troll posts and accounts are usually short lived. As well, I know of an account that has regular (I can name at least 3 occurrences of inactive accounts with regular that have been compromised) that was compromised and the person that compromised the account was silently causing problems. Luckily that account ceased activity after a temporary suspension, presumably because the issue was taken care of. So an arbitrary account age limit doesn’t do anything. Would also potentially prevent users new to Roblox who quickly gain interest in development from joining. I personally got into development 1 month after discovering Roblox.


Well, maybe Roblox can IP ban them. I don’t know if Roblox still does an IP Ban. Or, They could add a voice verification. That proves if players are too young to use the dev forum.


Holding people back who have done nothing wrong is not a just way to go about this. It’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. A new account doesn’t really signify whether someone is going to troll or not and a user’s age is not indicated by the account either. If you’re worried about bots, that means we have a botting issue, and I feel like Roblox is doing a better job every day in preventing botting (maybe too much with the captchas). You can’t assume someone is going to troll and this will only encourage people who do want to troll to make a pool of accounts early and troll somewhere else until enough time has passed. We can’t prevent issues that rely on people doing the right thing.


How often do you see extreme content such as inappropriate images and offensive text? In my experience this is rather rare, but I do not pay attention to help and feedback categories.


IP bans r non existent now, unless its for very serious cases

would deter many developers from using, besides, it could become a site of spamming like: “AHHHH I GOT INTO DEVFORUM”


If I’m being honest with you, I never really see (and have never seen) many troll posts on the forum, let alone NSFW content apart from one guy cussing profusely, and I think that even then the posts are removed very quickly. I see bad posts (as in not properly structured, wrong category, etc.) a LOT though, and even more minimodding inside of said posts. I feel like if we’re going to crack down on the marginal amount of trolling on the forum, we should focus on encouraging better post-making first.


i’d say 160 days is fairly long, also if someone is trolling then flag the post. That simple.


I have seen many users who troll that have been on Roblox for several years.

They already do this

Trolling used to be a lot worse earlier this year. Since they hired a bunch of new moderators, troll posts now often get taken down a few minutes after they are created and the users who made them get suspended for a day. Previously, troll topics would stay up for about an hour and get dozens of replies before they get taken down, and users would rarely have any suspensions.

The trolling issue has calmed down; it is not a big problem on here anymore.


160 days wont stop people from trolling, you wanna know why. Because if a person is really dedicated to troll theyll just create a bunch of accounts in one day. Lets say like 30 accounts. once that 160 days is up theyll just troll with each account one after another. As they get banned theyll create new accounts and use the next one in line. It’s impossible to stop trolling, just flag it and go about your day.


I’ve seen some cool topics, then suddenly theres like 100 posts/replies of porn. And i can’t find any real replies,

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holy crap dude ive been here since 2017 and haven’t seen that a SINGLE time, which side of devforum are you even browsing that I never knew about?!?


He probably got the old forums mixed up with the dev forums lol


I do not believe this is true, see there’s a post limit on the number of posts you can post in a certain topic, this is completely false, not to mention, what you’re addressing is a rare situation, not a frequent one which could already be handled by forum staff no longer than a minute, see, since there’s also flagging, the content could be hidden.


This isn’t really an issue, there are a few things with Discourse that make it really good with alt detection.

  • The user list in the admin panel shows how many users have the same IP

As well as that, the effort to actually get Member is a turn off for the majority of trolls/raiders.


They can use a VPN, which makes it impossible for Roblox to ban all of them. If they use SurfShark VPN, they can perform a double hop which is 2 VPNS connected to 1. Tor doesn’t work with Roblox though.


Lets get this clear, there is no such thing as IP banning now, because all users get affected, not only the offender. Let’s say someone was doing something really bad using hotel wifi, Roblox IP bans them. Now, imagine if someone else stays in the hotel, and wanted to use roblox when they see they are IP banned.


That’s true, I never thought of a hotel network. Thanks for correcting!