The trolling issue on the dev forum

Perhaps a account limit per ip would help, like a max of 1 or 2 accounts for one ip, perhaps more.

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I disagree with this idea. What if people need to use DevForum at school or work or college, or in another shared area?


This would prevent them form creating new devforum accounts.

Yet every account in the public area would have the same IP preventing everyone else from signing up.

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Maybe if it was 60 days and they have to be a player for 1 year and at lest 100 over all place visits!

(I seen 1 toll since the 7+ weeks i been here)

So if someone is posting nudity, then the moderators should banned him forever and make a police report against that person to send him to jail


What? Is this a troll? You can’t be imprisoned for showing pornography. Nor could they track this person

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Either you just got your first pc in 20 years and just started to use the internet, or you are 10 using KaLi LiNuX and sayn’ you can track accurate locations using IP adresses

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I am gonna say something for the sake of reality:

Users who do trolling are underage kids or people who want their account banned OR people who just want attention.

Now I have no idea how to fix that, and probably won’t be fixed soon.


Me neither, I have no idea what NSFW and trolls you are talking about. I’ve never seen something bad here except a “let’s delete you” joke.


I do not believe this is a more relevant argument, and the Developer Forum is not a social media which is why you don’t need necessarily you need to access it on school or college, and it really depends on work as you have to focus on different things and the Developer Forum would look more like a distraction from what you’re doing.

I don’t believe in this, there’s many disadvantages to such things, and there’s also tendencies you will lose accounts and need to create a new one, some people are so irresponsible and even forget their password they end up making accounts more than 3, so same here could be applied to the Developer Forum, and also, please think that the Developer Forum has a rare case of trolling, and in such case is deleted immediately.

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But where? O-o
I have been in this forum for a couple months and I have never seen any sort of post which is NSFW, only 2 Trolling Posts.


The more you’re on the devforum, the more of them you’ll find.

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When Im on the computer, I stay at least 75% of the time with devforum open. The only troll posts are that bob thing that was actually cool and some bad quality resources and the new admins that(Most of them) do a horrible job

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Hello, @gamezcool989

I totally disagree with what you say, The dev forum is literally cleaner and tidier than roblox games itself.

It is obvious that there will always be users who abuse it, but the staff in the dev forum is very quick to close posts and suspend users.

Now it is obvious that they will not be available 24 hours a day but most of the time they are

in all the years that I work on roblox I have never seen content abuse +18, occasionally some offensive comment but in a few hours removed by a staffer

I think, you could maybe think of a filter that controls the images however for this I think Discourse should create it, roblox relies on them for their forum.

I dont really see the idea behind this, as what if you had an alt, and your sibling also had an account?

That is true, what you said in the last sentence. My account was made in 2021. What like 2 months ago? So yeah, I think 160 days is way too much. There isn’t any way to stop trolls. There will always be a way around it.

But what you can do is maybe make a table of words that trolls can’t say and then a bot instantly checks it and if it is bad, the message is sent to a moderator or admin of this website, then the admin or whoever checks the players database, and checks the activity, it has been doing and banned them.

Thinking about this is a inefficient way as it will take long time to manually ban trolls. They also can make alt accounts.

That wouldn’t work, say they added the word “Pizza” (as an example)
National Pizza Day happens, and everyone wants to talk about it.

The moderation queue would fill up fast and it would waste resources.

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True, didn’t think about that. Something like that can fill up the moderation queue in seconds. This would probably clog up the database. Making it hard to ban trolls, and maybe even lagging out the website. Also, I do think your emphasizing point here, national pizza day happens, they add the word pizza. Well, yeah as they might be using bad words using pizza. Also, another point, is that if we make a table, it would be harder to ban all the trolls. You know why dont you? The words wouldn’t exactly be matching the table. Like someone could start a meme and someone could make a naught word using the word hello. Then, like normal people who say hello, would also fill up the queue.

This is a long comment! Hope this comment helped! :heart:


Image filtering? This would probably lead to tons of false flags and false bans. Since we’ve seen how poor roblox moderation is.

But the point can be made, that roblox is a worldwide platform, that has to monitor thousands of things per second and can make lots of false positives as a result. and the forum is much smaller so the system will work better.

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