The UI Editor doesn't work well on elements which are affected by UIScale

Here’s the setup. The UIScale has a Scale of 2, and the Frame has a Position of {0, 20, 0, 20} and Size of {0, 100, 0, 100}


Whenever I begin to drag one of the Frame’s resize handles, it scales up the size and position of the frame immediately by whatever the Scale of the UIScale is set to:

EDIT: A similar bug happens when dragging the element, where the delta is multiplied by the UIScale (e.g. A UIScale of 2 makes the dragged object move twice as fast, such that the box+handles around the UI lags behind the thing being dragged.)

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Bump, this is really annoying. I’m either having to manually change offset values to scale and then change them back or use its properties to move/resize. If anyone has any workarounds, please let me know!!

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