The Ultimate Basic Admin Essentials Guide

You should add a section that teaches you how to add like the notification that the server is defended, this is fairly easy but for people who don’t know you should include it.

Edit: And just to tell ya that this guide is great!

But in this section, you should explain a bit more as its quite confusing…

And i’ve also got a question about the copy and paste are people allowed to edit the message itself? Or just copy and paste?

People aren’t allowed to edit the message, however, those on mobile may be able to edit the logs as its a current bug where the TextEditable property does not affect mobile users, I’m pretty sure this applies to iOS users. Read-only TextBox issue with mobile - #7 by Flameysrs


Hey I’m trying to make it so lists aren’t one line lists and show the entire message/command/whatever string it was in the list with text wrapped. I’ve fixed up the textbox to work in this way but I cannot seem to get the script exact, either the list is too small and doesn’t scroll all the way or at all, or the list is too large and has empty scrollable space. Note: i deleted the frame in the textbox (template) to have a nicer look, can you possibly make a section/help with this

Actually disregard this, I’ve figured it out for the most part. One big thing I want to do, however, is be able to add the player argument to certain commands, like ones that display lists. For example ‘chatlogs flame’ will run chatlogs pre-run with the search for the corrected argument. It will check if the argument matches any players’ name and then search for that for example ‘chatlogs flame’ will run a search with Flameysrs. If the argument is not found to be matching any players, it looks for it in another list (I’ve created a command called leavelogs embedded into the mainmodule which created a list with the username of those who leave). If it cannot find it there, it just runs the search with the argument itself, in this case, just flame. Are you able to help with something like this?

I’ve asked a friend who is friends with the BAE creator and he said that this function was never broken, cause it was never a function but people just created it themselves!

Pretty sure the command bar has always come with Basic Admin Essentials but recently the autocomplete on it has been bugged. It happens even for groups using a non-forked up-to-date version of the module.


@LegendOJ1 Do you know if you’re able to do this or help with this

lmk if u still need help on this

yes help would be appreciated with this

Extremely helpful, thank you so much! Cannot wait to see the sticky message and new ban API implemented!

If need be, I can help with the TempBans!!!