The version shown in the new Error Report does not match the version of Place that generated the error

As documented:

The version shown refers to the Main Place of the game:


However, the errors shown originate from a Secondary Place.

Expected behavior

For example, one of the errors shows a line from the script that is in the Secondary Place and not in the Primary Place:


As I made changes to the Secondary Place script, the version number has increased, so the pointed line no longer corresponds to the current line.
For that, I have to resort to the Version History in the Asset Manager:


As you can see, the version numbering for this place that generated the error has absolutely nothing to do with the version shown in the Error Report.

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Hi @rogeriodec_games :slight_smile:
The issue is now fixed. At the default experience level, it will show all errors for all places and the version annotation is by default your root place.
Now we have supported the place filter for you. You could select a certain place to see the errors under this place and also the version annotation for this place. The issue you described above should not be a concern anymore with place filter.

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That’s perfect!
Thank you very much for your promptness.