The Vesteria Team is hiring a scripter to join our team in Seattle

What’s Vesteria?

Vesteria is an ambitious and innovative fantasy game that started development 8 months ago. Our dream is to create the ultimate fantasy social experience for the next generation of MMO players. We believe that MMORPGs have been neglected, targeted only at a very narrow type of hardcore player when they have the potential to be so much more.

The Team released Vesteria Alpha for R$800 at the end of our 5 month Incubator at Roblox HQ. Since then, it has been purchased roughly 15,000 times by early adopters who share this dream with us.

We’re now looking for a third experienced and highly-talented in-house scripter to help us bring Vesteria into Beta and ultimately release to the public in 2020.

Who we’re looking for:

  • 18+
  • Experience working on a large project with more than one scripter
  • Strong mathematical knowledge and experience with multiple programming languages
  • Good people skills and an eye for quality control
  • Able to re-locate to Seattle for four months or more
  • Compatible with regular hours in an office setting
  • Willing to commit to something big

What you’re looking forward to:

  • Re-location and living expenses paid
  • Percent cut of revenue from an increasingly profitable game
  • Vesting shares in the company
  • Living in the heart of the beautiful tech hub that is Seattle


If you meet the qualifications and are interested in joining the team, send a resume over to me at If you have any specific questions, shoot me a DM or reply with broader questions.

If circumstances permit, we may ask for an in-person interview in Seattle. Travel expenses will be covered by us.

Game link: Vesteria - Roblox
The Team: The Vesteria Team - Roblox

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Admittedly my scripting abilities would not make the cut, however I’m a bit curious.

Does Vesteria have an office in the making similar to Red Manta? How much pay is realistically being talked about here? I noticed you mentioned living expenses paid for, but you should note one man’s living expenses is another’s Saturday night expenses.

Cool stuff though, Berezeaa. Best of luck with everything!

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Thanks for inquiring.

Our situation is a bit different from Red Manta. We’re looking for a startup partner who will receive a percent of game revenue and even a percent ownership in the corporation that we start for the game’s management, not just an employee with a fixed salary.

We’re getting an office for 4-5 months at wework or a similar service that provides short-term private offices to startups with shared spaces such as conference rooms and resources such as printers/copiers, etc.

It’d admittedly a little risky, but I think we’ve already overcome the hardest hurdle of creating a minimum viable product and now it’s just about getting the game to it’s public release. A great deal of the hard work has already been done and now it’s just about creating new monster logic with our state machine system, new abilities with our custom effect replication system, and fixing a backlog of bugs. We also have the foundation of a quest system that could be a lot more powerful than it is now with just a little bit more work.

Additionally, we’ve already spent 5 months working and living together for the Roblox Incubator, which is where this project began. Our team chemistry is proven.

We don’t want money to be a barrier for potential partners, which is why we are offering to cover basic living expenses. You won’t be shopping at Gucci (at least until we release), but you’ll be able to live and work comfortably.


For clarification’s sake, is this offer for everyone, including those who live outside of the states?

I would assume not. Living in the United States and working requires certain Visas that Team Vesteria can’t offer yet (it requires to hold certain forms within the business, and I don’t believe we’ve reached that stage yet). Not to mention that travel expenses would be a lot more hefty depending on where you live.

Speaking as a Vesteria Asset Builder, working for Team Vesteria is a real treat. Across multiple departments, there are hard-working and accomplished developers, many of which you interact and collaborate with. We are a small, professional group, but this doesn’t deter us from being a friendly bunch. We gather from time to time on the sidelines to celebrate our collective achievements, in-game or on chat.

Working for Team Vesteria in-house means you would be working directly with Berezaa, Polymorphic, and Sk3leton. And as Berezaa has previously said, all three have spent 5 months at the Roblox HQ as part of the incubator program. You would receive quite the support you need and a rich experience.

We have high standards, but there is a great benefit to being a part! As they say, work hard, play hard! Good luck and we hope to see you on the other side!


I feel obligated to ask: What family of programming languages in particular are you interested in people having experience with? Any particular paradigm in mind?

It’s obviously not good to cater specifically to requirements of that sort when applying to a position, but if someone has experience in Java it is going to be a much different set of experience than C or Lisp.

We ask for experience in other languages because we may end up needing to create our own web servers, whether those be for a website integration to our game, a backup database or a leaderboard of some kind. It’d be nice to have multiple people on our team with fluency in that field, but it’s not a hard requirement.

It depends on your country’s relationship with the United States. We’re not at the size yet where we can offer you a work visa, so you need to be able to access the country on your own. For example, Canadians can spend up to six months in the U.S. for work or pleasure, but New Zealanders can only spend 90.

Unless you’re Canadian its unlikely you’ll be able to take this job.

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This looks like a very professional environment.

Just a couple questions:
Around how much would the percentage cut be?

If new people were to join the team for some reason would the whole team take a cut from their percentage?

This is something that would be negotiated individually. It won’t be an insanely high percentage because whoever we bring on will be one of three scripters, and an enormous foundation & infrastructure has already been scripted. However, our game is already profitable and we expect revenue to skyrocket once we release Beta. The demand for our game is already there and even a small percent of future revenue would likely end up being a very large sum.

This is the only position that we plan to give a percent of game revenue and a percent stake in the company. Any team members who join after would be paid salary. If the candidate we bring in decides they want a higher fixed salary instead of the percent stake, that is also something we would be able to negotiate.

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Just toured our first potential office location.

I’ll be locking down one of these locations in April, which is when we’ll start bringing the team in.


I apologize if this comes off as a bit accusatory:

By the numbers you gave ($R800x15,000 purchases) Vesteria has thus far made ~$R12M which is $42,000 at the Devex exchange rate. That is not very much for the puget sound, Seattle especially. It looks as though you will either be putting personal funds into this or taking a loan out, both of which come with a certain amount of risk.

To people who are moving to Seattle, this is a massive risk as well. The city is expensive, and money goes quickly in it. Given what you’re asking people to potentially do, some more information about your overall plan would be appreciated. Specifically, what plans and funding do you have in place to make sure this doesn’t blow up, so to speak? I don’t ask for or expect specific numbers, but a general plan would do wonders to assuage my worries.

In short, yes, this project has largely been funded by my previous endeavors. On paper, it’s a risky position for me to take, for sure, but it’s one that I am taking confidently.

We have extensive plans for what we believe will be a unique and very effective monetization strategy for when we enter Beta and drop the price down to R$100. These plans are something that we discuss in our Slack almost every day.

By fully covering relocation and living expenses, I am minimizing the risk to anyone who comes on board to the project. If everything goes south (and no one on the team has the slightest fear that it will), you’ll be fine.

I’m betting a lot on this project because I believe that we have a truly magical minimum viable product and a competent team that will see it to completion. Bringing on a third scripter isn’t mission-critical, but it would greatly increase our capabilities and allow us to accomplish that much more before Beta.

I’m not just mindlessly throwing money at talented people and expecting something cool to come out. I’ve had a master plan for this project since well before we started and I have been meticulously leading our team towards that vision from day 1. We’ve spent over five hours at time arguing in Roblox’s conference rooms after-hours about mechanics and functions in our game, well before we’ve started work implementing them. We’ve even brought in guest stars like @Widgeon and @Locard to weigh in on our discussions in-person.

This is a team that is driven by a shared vision and a very strong direction. So yes, I am confidently funding it.


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