The Vesteria Team is hiring a Scripting Partner!

Vesteria - Scripting Partner :scroll:

The Vesteria Team is looking for talented scripters to help us take our ambitious fantasy game to the next level. This position is being offered 18+ on-site or remote.

About Vesteria

We’re a team of MMORPG lovers that took advantage of Roblox’s California-based Incubator project to jumpstart the creation of the most ambitious fantasy world on Roblox. After the Incubator, we moved to Seattle to continue the vision of this game and are eventually planning to return to the San Francisco Bay Area where our team originated.

Vesteria is one of the largest worlds ever built on Roblox, with over 20 million square studs of playable content and main source code containing over 77,000 unique lines of code. Our talented team of over a dozen remote contractors designs original models, art, sound effects and music to help build our immersive world. Behind the scenes, Vesteria runs on bleeding edge tech, taking advantage of sophisticated systems such as custom replication AnimationController characters/entities, client-server-synced entity state machines and our unique three-layered deployment pipeline (internal, testing, production - all within the same game.)

The Team
@berezaa - Team Lead / Scripter (on-site)
@Polymorphic - Scripter
@sk3let0n - World Lead (on-site)
@prisman - Scripter (on-site)
@BrainDeadCommunity - Item Designer
@Jazzyx3 - Monster Designer
@BSlickMusic - Music Composer
@tinybinkie - Entity Animator
@lmaginationBurst - Entity Animator
and many others!

The Game

About The Job

We are looking for a veteran Roblox scripter and MMORPG lover to join our team remotely or at our downtown Seattle office. As a Vesteria Team scripter, you’ll be interfacing with our custom systems to implement monster AI logic and design and implement combat abilities for our players. These abilities may range from epic magical spells to implementations of intricate melee animations. We’re also looking for individuals who can help us optimize and improve some of our larger scripts and go after tough issues to help ensure a smooth experience for players.

What we’re looking for:

  • Experience making/working with particles, beams, trails and animations
  • Detail-oriented, able to work with contractors to ensure the best animation and sound effect assets get created for the job.
  • An emphasis on future-proofing and writing legible code that is easy for others to work with

Additionally, we’re also interested in bringing on scripters that specialize in UI/UX design and visual effects to help us make reactive, crisp and fast UI that works on all platforms.

If you don’t match these exact specifications but are still highly proficient in a different scripting field, we encourage you to send in an application anyway, but please note what your proficiency is and how you would be able to contribute to the team.


Payment starts at $4,000 a month for on-site applicants and $3,000 a month for remote. For applicants interested in joining us in Seattle, we will work with you to cover transportation and living costs for the first month. For remote applicants, Robux payments are an option. Payment is also open to negotiation.

We want to grow a long-term partnership with you and are willing to offer you vesting shares in our company and a guarantee that your salary will scale with the growth of the game.

If you live in a city with WeWork co-working locations, we will set you up with a membership on our team so that you can chose to come in and work in these spaces.

Contact Us

If you’re interested, please send an application to Make sure to include:

  1. Full name, Roblox username, location & age

  2. Previous projects

  3. Your favorite personal creation

  4. Your strengths and weak points as a scripter. If you specialize in something other than what’s mentioned above, include detailed information.

  5. Whether or not you’ve already played Vesteria and if you have, your favorite thing + your harshest criticism.

  6. Whether you are able to join us on-site in Seattle or not.

Optional - In-person interview for developers in the Bay Area.

If you’re able to come to San Mateo this week, I’d love to meet with you. DM me on the dev forums for this option.

Feel free to reply to this thread or DM me privately with any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you! :smiley:


I would recommend people to apply for this! OP is a great guy to work with and after working with Vesteria’s other scripter on numerous occasions in the past I can say that Vesteria consists of probably one of the better dev teams on the platform to be able to be a part of.


Recommend to take this! This team look like they have the potential to become the top game on the platform. Even if you don’t get it it is worth trying! (Sadly I don’t script).


A great opportunity! Vesteria has a great community and possibly some of the best developers working on it!


Sent a DM. Very interested in the in-person interview though I’m leaving Cali early tomorrow.


I’m confused, is the 18+ only for on-site or also applicable to remote applicants.


18+ is a requirement for on-site. It is preferred for remote but we may make exceptions for applications that really stand out.


ah man my age(13) keeps me from working on your team,i meet all your standards OOF


He may make exceptions if your application stands out so give it a try anyways!


You offer a $3,000 a month salary for remote, and $4,000 a month on-site before taxes. What kind of hours are you seeking for applicants to work? Compared to the applications for Adopt Me that were floating around a couple months ago, the offered compensation for Vesteria seems low in comparison, and given that these games gross millions of dollars on the front page, I am curious as to why the compensation is drastically different in comparison.


I would imagine its harder to split costs across this much larger team (I think the Adopt Me team only has around 3-4 people? while this team has around a dozen), but yeah I’m curious as to how much a remote scripter would have to work per week.


This is a full-time position, so roughly 40 hours a week. We’re open to part-time applicants but the salary would be lower. Obviously we are not in the same position that Adopt Me is so we are not able to offer the same level of compensation. You can’t compare a game that is fairly early in its overall development cycle to the game that’s been #1 in playtime for quite a while.

The appeal of this listing compared to Adopt Me’s is that it is a partnership, not a simple employment. Whoever we bring in will increasingly be a part of the decision-making process and leadership of the game, and their salary will scale with the success of the game on release. This listing is definitely more for people who are already emotionally invested in the game genre and want to get in on the ground floor on a project that already has a lot going for it.


Any legal work required before joining the team? Such as a contract or other legal requirements?

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There will be a basic contract that lays out basic expectations, non-disclosure, etc.


Question, when will you be deciding?


This is an absolutely once in a lifetime opportunity. I urge anyone who is having doubts to apply for the position! I certainly know I will be applying!

I wish everyone luck and hope Vesteria gains some great new hires to keep improving the already amazing game!


The applications get forwarded to the rest of the team and we’re going through them and discussing them regularly. We have not made any hard decisions yet and there is no deadline set. We may pick multiple candidates.


Would this include some guarantee of ownership of part of the Vesteria Company? In the original post, it is stated that vesting shares would be offered and that scaling payment is guaranteed. These both sound enticing as investing time into the game and seeing success would result in both a scaled salary and an equally rewarding share ownership of the company. But it is not made clear of the exact amounts of scale or vesting shares. Is this information decided per-contract, without a base line to go off of? Is the information not to be shared? That is all I am curious about regarding the original post about compensation.

If multiple candidates are hired, will compensation adjust?

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True, but keep in mind that Adopt Me has smaller team, + berezaa invested lots of money into this and the outcome is slow.
Still 3k/m is really good. (Keep in mind this is Roblox.)

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3k/m is good if you are someone without a degree. However, once you obtain as low as a bachelor’s degree (in my area), jobs with 60k+ as a starting salary begin to take you (for entry level.) In the reply message from berezaa, this was addressed;

This implies that the lower salary would be made up with benefits in terms of ownership of the idea;

If the position does not seek for college grads of CS/other related fields, then as long as the benefits in terms of partnership are solid in foundation, this position makes sense.It is my assumption that they would be looking for college grads, though.

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