The visual scripting plugin | EventBlocks! [Most popular!]

I love how far this plugin has come! Even though I don’t need this plugin since I already know lua, this plugin can still be useful to many people!

100 robux for this plugin seems cheap in my opinion, because it has so much great stuff! I recommend to anyone not familiar with lua, to use this to get a basic understanding of lua.


phew, i was getting worried i wasted 100 robux on a broken plugin


This is great so far! Will their be a way for us to work well with NPCS (Coding them OFC) with this plugin or is it recommended to use the normal script?

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This is creative, helpful and amazing. Not only have you managed to make such an interactive user interface, but you were also able to make it work! Definitely one of the best tools I’ve ever seen. Well done.

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So my other visual scripting project (BlockLua) is released in an alpha stage. It’s free while it’s in alpha.
It’s basically a revamped version of EventBlocks. It’s a bit more harder to master but it pays of for better performance. Also keep in mind it’s very glitchy at the moment.


New plugin in spotlight.

Hi all!
First of all, this post is not about the end of EventBlocks, don’t worry :smiley:
EventBlocks is still my greatest plugin yet and you can get it with no worries.

Basically my new visual scripting plugin BlockLua will be my main priority. It has just came out of alpha, it’s now in version 1.0
It has a completely revamped, faster and stable engine.

At the moment it doesn’t have the amount of features that EventBlocks has.
BlockLua may be more difficult to learn, but it will be much more powerful if it catches up with EventBlocks’s feature set, and I will try to make more tutorials for it as well as a complete game (hopefully).

So, what’s with EventBlocks?

Don’t worry, EventBlocks won’t be completely abandoned. It will still get bug fixes and maybe new features as well.

I will focus on developing BlockLua, because it’s just so much easier to scale and develop.

If you are thinking about getting EventBlocks, you should check out BlockLua, maybe it suits your needs better. If it doesn’t, feel free to get EventBlocks, it is still a great plugin!

That’s all, have a great day!


I love the work ethic, the reason I have been dead is cause I have been working on a few games and creating lots of music. Also one of my songs blew up on scratch so I had to start giving it updates which then burnt me out but I should be back soon :slight_smile:


I wish we had a list of all the blocks without buying the plugin. It helps us decide whether or not we really want this.


it won’t let me sign up or log in, how do i fix this issue?

hi! try to create an account from the website:

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it just says wrong password when i haven’t signed up yet

Make sure your password is min. 8 characters long.

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i did and it still didnt work…

EventBlocks rebrand and small bug fix

Not a huge thing, but EventBlocks got a bit of a rebrand!
Let me know your opinions

New banner:

New logos (text and plain):


Also I fixed the bug where the “Massless” and “CanTouch” properties were accidentally switched up. It should be good now!


I love it! It looks very sleek, and just feels like it pops a lot more :slight_smile:

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I’m browsing through this and I made a video about the plugin a while back which has over 10K views, but it should be kept paid. In the right hands, this plugin is a powerful tool which new developers can start coding in Roblox, and I think for such as powerful tool, created by a single developer, it should be paid.

I don’t know the current price, but the last time I checked, @Xsticcy makes under £1 per sale.

I can’t really comment much though since I did get this plugin for free before it went paid.

Just out of interest, how well is this really going to appear at like 16x16 resolution if that’s the icon that’s displayed in the toggle EventBlocks button? I can’t imagine it looks good, no offense. You can put it through Figma and turn on pixel preview to see how it’ll turn out.


Yeah I was just kind of lazy to redesign it properly. I will try to come up with a better logo for 16x16 resolution!

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i love making my scripts look like a kid just made it :slight_smile:

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Add datastore blocks :slightly_smiling_face:

Im a Roblox, Scratch, and unity dev.
and I have to say this is incredible!