The Walk update log

The Walk update log

The Walk is a (sort of horror) game I'm working on, (as my first public game), somewhat inspired by the backrooms.
In The Walk, you explore a simulated world which expands infinitely, consisting of many areas that present their own unique challenges.
The game is still in very early stages, though.
If you want to report a bug, my messages are open


Patch 2022/03/13

Removed randomly spawning signs.

Major update 2022/03/14 "Maintained"

New zone, Maintenance. Can be found by exploring the starting zone for long enough, then entering a long dark tunnel that can be found through a door on the left side wall.
This zone is much more dangerous, with fewer supplies, more hazards, and even, a turret which actively targets the player, when they are in the same room as it.
Hallucinations are yet to be added.

Update 2022/04/07 "clicklog"

Added a GUI element which appears when your mouse is hovering over a clickable button.
Also, I recently gained perms to make topics on the devforum, so I will be moving my logs to here.
Unfortunately, I don't remember the details of most of the previous updates until this point, so I cannot restore their logs.

Update 2022/04/08 "Matter Converted"

In celebration of devforum perms, added a start screen to the game, with an intro sequence,
which uses my first audio ever uploaded to roblox!
Start screen has:
An ingame changelog,
A credits screen,
And, of course, the start button!

Patch 2022/04/09

Fixed an issue where the torch would briefly turn on if you click with it after depleting the battery.

Major Update 2022/04/10 "Extension Index"

Added a new zone, the Medical Ward, which can be reached via death.
This zone has no supplies in it at all, but demonstrates the infinite size of Project Hallways.
There are not very many things that generate, but the ones that do generate do so somewhat frequently. Hallucinations are yet to be added.

Update 2022/04/11 "Dimmed Lights"

Darkened the lighting in the Entrance Hall (starting area).
Made the torch less bright in all zones.
Battery now has a significant effect on the brightness of the torch.