The Walking Dead | Story Game

Hello there,

I am planning on making a Walking Dead-style game with all 11 seasons, and it is in a story form such as Notoriety, and Entry Point. I don’t know if this is the best idea, though if I need to rethink it, please alert me of so.



I don’t really have good experience in scripting and and big builds, but making a walking dead style game could be challenging. Yet I think this is a great idea👍

Lovely concept, I’d love to play that game.

There are unlimited assets and mechanics you could add to the game, and it could be extremely addicting to the community.

However, the game may get too big for servers (and clients) to handle, possibly with too many assets and or scripts. Plus a single season alone would likely take up to half or even a whole year of development.

Overall, I’d say go try making a demo of it and seeing how it turns out, but just be wary of the toll all the assets have on server and client resources.

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