Hi everyone! I have made a game on Roblox that is inspired by The Walking Dead series. I wanted to show it to others and ask for feedback on the game; and what should be changed or added. Thank you!

Game Link:


Okay philip… this is a bit harsh but… the game’s bad. I have seen you a lot on the forums and you are a really good person but this… this isn’t good. The game seems to be made of freemodels and just low quality. Did you happen to make it in a day or two?

A few things I would suggest are:

  • Fixing the map, the map seems to have quite unnantural things like cone shaped trees and the bushes look out of place.
  • Adding a proper FPS framework to enhance the immersion.
  • Adding proper zombies, you just used the Drooling Zombie from the toolbox and they kill their own species.
  • Adding some sort of engagement like different zombie variants, rounds, etc.

I’ve made the game some time ago, it was mainly for fun. Thanks for the feedback!