The #waywoc tag should be locked

I’ve started to see people creating a “What are you working on currently” thread for 2021. I assumed it was official as I saw the #waywoc tag. I was stunned to find anybody can use this tag. This makes absolutely no sense. I feel it should not be a tag that anyone can use.

Unless I’m mistaken, I believe the #roblox critical/#roblox-critical (had to add a space as the word isn’t allowed.) tags are locked for TL2+ so they aren’t abused. It should be the same for #waywoc. I really don’t see a use case for using this tag in the first place unless your trying to make a fake waywoc thread.

Staff have been doing a great job shutting these threads down, but if it was clear what was official and what isn’t, that would be great. I’m going to include #waywoc in the tags to show you that it’s possible. Removed it.

Thanks, and Happy New Year! :tada:

You could help keep the tag clean by not using it in your own thread. :slight_smile:

#waywoc was primarily created to group the “official” WAYWOC posts together. WAYWOC is a relatively unofficial tradition to collate or showcase creations that don’t need a dedicated thread or something that someone isn’t looking for in-depth feedback on. Megathreads in general are bad and should be flagged anyway as the Cool Creations category isn’t restricted anymore.

The same issue was present in 2020 which led to a bit of spam in the Community Post Approval inbox, so coefficients just posted WAYWOC 2020 from the Roblox account.

Also on Discourse pretty sure you can’t lock specific tags. There was talk about restricting tag creation to TL4 but that never went anywhere.


This is not a problem at all. These are the only posts that use this tag:

However, as I said, these threads are taken down quite quickly. (This is good!)

The problem is staff aren’t here 24/7, and people are thinking these threads are the real thing. Last week I saw one get 120 replies in 45 minutes.

I am assuming you have the waywoc tag notification level set to something higher than normal, if you want, after waywoc 2021 releases you can mute the tag so you don’t get posts tagged with it.


I don’t agree with removing the tag altogether; I like to see the old creations. The problem is people are creating megathreads, and staff cannot get to them before they quickly become 50+ replies of people thinking this is a real thread.

That’s possible, as I said I might be mistaken about locking certain tags.

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