The Winners: Roblox Hack Week 2023 Docuseries Ep. 3

In the final hours before the deadline, Hack Week teams scramble to finish their projects before pressing the submit button :sweat_smile:. There’s no turning back now — the judging begins. After a day of review and debate by Roblox leaders, the finalists are chosen and have the opportunity to answer questions onstage. The winners are revealed! :trophy::trophy::trophy:


Hack Week 2023 “Hack” Winners

Check out details of some of the other Hack Week projects here.

Thanks everyone for tuning in and coming along on this journey with us! We’re so proud of all the hard work our Builders achieved in just one week and hope it excites you about what the future of Roblox could look like.

Until next year,
The Hack Week Team🫡

Hack Week 2023 Episodes:

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Looks like they done excellent and tried so hard after all we all have to work hard to achieve a trophy. Congratulations to you all!

The true saying always goes on:

‘’ Teamwork makes a excellent progress and there work is AWARDED’’


That’s all great and I’m happy for the winners, but I have 1 question, where can I see for myself what they did? There used to be videos on YouTube “Roblox Hack Week 0000 Highlights”

I watched all the episodes, but other than talking, I didn’t see much of anything (Or is it me not paying attention?).


I also want to see the Full Projects in their completed state.

It was honestly one of the biggest reasons I even bothered with watching ANY of the Hack Week.

(I also really hope they add the Seamless Teleporting. That would be a major W for me lol)

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