The Witching Hour Remastered Retexturer (3 Textures) (Completed)

The job has been completed.

About The Job

In Q4 of 2020, I released a remaster of Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour as The Witching Hour Remastered.

The game is mostly complete except for some missing dialogs, which don’t affect much in terms of gameplay. However, something that appears lost to history is the last 3 pet costumes. This is a bit of a usability problem since the last 3 costumes look the same, and a player would need to try multiple combinations for some missions that require equipping complete pet costume sets.

The goal of this job is to recreate the last 3 costumes, which require 3 textures since the 4 costume parts share the same texture. For example, this is the default texture:

The three costumes that are missing are Werewolf costume (no photo references), the Ghost costume (hat icon, collar icon, cape icon, anklet icon), and the Grim Reaper costume (hat icon, collar icon, cape icon, anklet icon). I also have a place file with the other costumes and the missing costumes as a reference:
Dog Meshes With Missing Textures.rbxl (28.7 KB)

For the job to be complete, the 3 textures need to be made that fit the missing textures in the place file. The Ghost and Grim Reaper ones must be as close to the originals as possible, although the design of the Werewolf one has been lost, so it just has to look convincing.


I am offering 10,000 Robux for all 3 textures which will be distributed through my Nexus Development Quality Assurance group.


Since this job may involve transferring files, Developer Forum messages are recommended for communication. However, this is up to anyone to do, even if others have said they are interested in doing this. I will try to keep a counter at the top saying how many people said they are interested in doing it, but the first person to complete this job will be the only one credited and paid.


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