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Some Depth of Field and candle flames change as well as minor detail changes
(Used Parts): 21,147

by murjarquitecto


Holy cow. Every time I get a notification from you I’m blown away by the details :hot_face: also, how did you make the candle flames?

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I’m amazed. How do you build like that without losing charm after a bit? My builds always get bland when I finish them.


I only put a cylinder, then I put the fire flame in the effects, but I had to adjust the size etc.


Yay! I wasn’t expecting it to be so simple, coming from you :joy:

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A very detailed construction without a doubt, it would definitely take a book from there :wink:


personally, i think it looks absolutely amazing.

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Wow! I really love the paintings on the wall. How many hours did this take in total? Great work! I wish I was this good.

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this is a masterpiece i hope its lag free also this looks so astetic and the atomspere is so good and the structure and basicaly everything in this looks very awsome 29/30 this looks very good


oh man you must be the super man of building in Roblox studio, I don’t think anyone could build this good! How do you have the free time?

Keep up the good work :+1:


I only manage my time, so I can organize myself


I want the fire is using particle emitter

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I am utterly blown out of my mind, the utter detail and amount of dedication put into this masterpiece is surreal! Props to you for making this, it looks so elegant :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep up this amazing work!

This is amazing! Truly one of the best showcases I’ve ever seen but In my opinion the window frames should be dark brown.

Alright that is seriously impressive definitely eye candy, is there a demo place?

Extremely good :o ggs dude this is mind blowingly amazing

I’m impressed. Did you any meshes or is this done all through the Roblox Studio?

The newspapers too bright, it will look great if you will make it darken. (in my mind)
And the fire in the candles too big.

Good job!
But we all know that no one will beat @Crazedbrick1 :wink:

Anyway. I think the lighting needs to be more orange.

This is so good! I love all the details :))