Thecaster230's Portfolio (3D Modeler) (Re-OPEN)

About Me

Hi, my name is Caster and I’m from Venezuela. I’m a 3D modeler with 4 years of experience. I am a very hard worker and I like to always do my best in my work. I always try to do my best so that my customer can be happy. My customer being happy with my work makes me happy
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You can view all of my portfolio here

Here are only some screenshots of my work all my work it's in my portfolio in ArtStation

Sword 6 Recorte


You can contact me at any time and I am almost always available for work (if I’m not too busy :laughing: )
By the way, I don’t like to be rushed. I would prefer it if you gave me enough time for me to do a very good job.


Prices are negotiable. I accept either Robux or Paypal, with Paypal being my preferred method of payment.

1K robux = 3.5 USD

Half of the payment is to be paid upfront as a down payment.

After paying, you won’t be able to receive a refund for canceling the commission.

For armors, I normally charge 10-20K Robux (35 - 70 USD), depending on the quality.

and for swords, I charge 5-10K Robux (17.5 - 35 USD), depending on the quality.


You can contact me by my twitter

Or on discord

Thecaster230#1494 ( I am more active on discord )

Thanks you so much for reading! :heart:


Wow! This is amazing. I highly recommend hiring Caster, quality is ensured and he’s also an amazing worker! 10/10 looking forward to hire you again in a near future. ;D

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Highly recommend caster, he delivers high quality work quickly and is very friendly!

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Sent a friend req, my user is JamieBot#0269

I will contact you but I think that that 1k robux is 10 dollars.

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not when you devex the robux. [30 char]

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Hi. Have you made guns before like snipers, shotguns, etc?

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i would definetly recommend ! He gives constants updates on the work and takes critics.

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Yes I made Guns before In here in my portfolio I have guns

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It is a very fast and high quality model. Although I gave the model job for 3 days, he finished it in 1 day and made it very high quality. I suggest you hire him. :grinning:

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Wonderful guy, definitely recommend working with. Very fast and high quality, also takes revisions!
I gave him a seven day period and he finished it in only three days, exactly the way I wanted it!

I’ve been working with Caster for SEVERAL months, and for some reason I never thought of writing a review up until now.

The tasks we gave him were extremely difficult and weren’t really in his department but he followed through successfully making 3D modeled characters for a game in the works. He follows instructions and is never late on an assignment and in addition is extremely responsible with his time. He has never canceled an assignment either which is something A LOT of immature devs do on this platform. He is a rare gem so I’d def recommend hiring him because there TRULY isn’t anyone as consistent and persistent as he it.


Hello i have seen you’re Portfolio and if you don’t mind i have sent you a friend request in discord, Here’s my ID Josuke#8409