TheDreamDealer | 3D Modeler & Animator

Hey everyone! My name is Michael, also known as TheDreamDealer. I am currently offering my services as a 3D Modeler / Builder and as an animator to developers that need work done within those areas of experience. I have been on the platform for about 8 years now, modeling and building for 7, and animating for about 4 years.

Pricing would range depending on the task at hand. I prefer USD over Robux, and Robux would be possible via group funds. Typically when it comes to full maps, they can range anywhere from 10k Robux to 50k Robux (~35 USD - ~175 USD) or more depending on the case. When it comes to animations, I charge per animation with R6-R15 animations typically ranging from 500 Robux to 3000 Robux (~2 USD - ~10 USD) and going up depending on the complexity. When it comes to custom rigs and animations that would vary and be discussed before doing any work. Any pricing though for anything will be discussed/determined per task and is 100% negotiable.
I can be contacted through the following methods:

Discord: TheDreamDealer#7445
Roblox: TheDreamDealer
Twitter: @DreamDealerRBX

I hope to work with / hear back from anyone of you in the future!


I had a very similar experience with Dream, he’s an amazing builder and his attention to detail is strong. We worked together for a short period of time until he “went dark” and communications ceased.


the best animator i’ve ever hired


good guy; great and productive at his work and efficient. would definitely recommend.

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I would be interested in purchasing animations from you for my upcoming group, Coffee Express’, seems like your profile and tag did not work so why’d you not contact myself? synfonts#2168