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Hey, Hope you enjoy what you read and see.

I’m a 23 year old software developer with a bachelors in Computer Science. I’ve been programming for nearly half my life, around 12 years. I’ve just recently started to work with roblox, and the API along with Lua for a better part of 6+ months. I think I’ve come quite a ways as far as most developers have on this platform with just basic knowledge of “scripting”.

To get things started, Heres something I enjoying showing off a lot.

Abstract Container System

  • Containers(size) are a created as base class
    • containers.items = {} – to represent a list of items in my container
    • container.maxcap = size;
  • Containers have functions like AddItem(item, specific slot maybe if not next empty slot), RemoveItem(from slot or by name or by item id), SwapItem(fromcontainer,tocontainer,fromslot,toslot) to allow container to container interactions.
  • How this is abstract?
  • Inventory Container inherits from this Container system
  • Equipment Container inherits form this this Container
  • Hotkey inherits for this container

what does it look like put together and hooked up?

Pretty cool yeah? Best thing is, its all server controlled. So heres an example of what “exploiters” are possibly to do, and how the server handles it.

Animated Textures

I’ll continue to update this as i can.