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Hey all! My ROBLOX username is BloxyCarnia (previously ThoughtSpray), but most people know me as Carnia. I am a User Interface Designer and graphic designer, and I primarily use Photoshop to create my work. I am currently certified in Photoshop 2015, and have been using it for 5 years. I do enjoy making digital art, not only UI. I am 21 years old, and I have been on ROBLOX for 10 years. I am very flexible and can work with you to create exactly what your heart desires.

Also, I have been working on expanding my skills with a bunch of other things, including logos, UGC concepts, and portraits. You can contact me if you want me to make something besides UI, and I’ll give you a low reasonable price, as I’m still new to some things. Though, am I very advanced in Photoshop, so I know I’ll show some impressive results. Overall, I am able to create drawings, real life portraits, user interface, logos, advertisements (not GFX), T-shirt designs, and more! So let me know if you want to hire me for other things, and I’ll see what I can do.

Below you can check out my previous UI work and other art that I have created on Photoshop.

User Interface


Other Art

Shirt Designs

tshirt3 tshirt4 tshirt tshirt5 tshirt2

I am available all days. Monday-Sunday 11:00 AM-9:00 PM EST

My prices do change depending on what is needed, but I will typically charge 30k-40k Robux or $100-$150 USD. I’m down to negotiate a price. Just let me know!

You can contact me on Discord, @Carnia#4904

Thanks for reading and I hope to work with you in the future! :slight_smile:


I sent you a friend request via Discord, would love to work with you!


can you accept my account roblox? Nick xBobuldex :slight_smile:

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I’d add a semi-transparent watermark to prevent theft

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Great work! I might hire you soon!

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I originally did that but I suppose I forgot to keep doing it haha. Thanks for your concern though!! I’ll start doing it again.


Oh my you’ve a come a long way. Nice to see that you’ve joined the dev forum community and you work is absolutely outstanding!

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I will try to explain myself
I am making a Museum type of game.
I would like to have a tool (a book) and when i open it to be some icons, To choose roblox History or Real Life story, If you click in roblox there will be more Icons or pictures about games or people and in there, there will be some stories about that game, Person.

I would like to make Models about that games,There will be small so the people can see them…
Could you do that?

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Do you accept percentage?
(30 characters)

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Your work is amazing! Just sent a friend request! looking to hire!

Hello I have sent you a Friend request on discord ROWG_Leader

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Hello, I sent you friend request SpaceWaCe#8783

If its not secret will you please say me how much did you made from the full game ui THe first image if it Because i wanna start too And i wanna know the prices.


Messaged you on discord! My discord is Prosp#0001. Look forward to hearing from you

Hello! I just sent you a friend request on discord, I hope we can work together soon!