TheKitDev | Experienced Programmer [OPEN!]

My name is Caleb, I am a 20 year old gameplay programmer and have been on the ROBLOX Platform for over 5 years! I have experience with mainly working for/with the Roleplay group genre (such as cafes, hotels, and more of the type). I have experience with marketing and more as well!! I have worked for many notable people in the past such as Jbn011, SHREKTFA, and more!

Complex and Modular Ordering System that I created for a restauraunt (I created all of the UI and the programming).


Simple Food System I created that runs locally utilizing remote events,tweening, and animations that is fully modular.

Fully modular admin system I created


Modular Speeding Detection/Warrant System

Some UI I created/programmed

  • Iceberg Hotels (90k+ Members and 3M+ Visits)
  • Echelon Hotels (40k+ Members)
  • Robloxian Hospital (80k+ Members)
  • Myo Frozen Yogurt (30k+ Members)
  • Blox Channel (80k+ Members and 1M+ Visits)
  • Former Lead Developer/Co-owner for Yummy’s (68k+ Members and 2.9M+ Visits).

Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. I can accept either USD or Robux via Group Funds.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at CALEB#0599


I would like to note that I am not very good at modeling and my work focuses mainly on scripting, and that the models/builds in the “My Work” section are just crude prototypes.

I will be opening my commissions for a while, unfortunately I will not be taking any jobs that offer less than 5,000 Robux or $30 USD

Updated some of my contact information and my work.