TheLocalBritishDev Portfolio

These are just a few of my projects, none of which were commissions, but are still good enough to show.

I have been scripting for 2 years and coding for 5 years. I can deliver your request with speed and quality.

Try some of these games before reviewing the videos, as the games will often shock you more.


Weissnacht [1.0] - Roblox
Tilecleaner - Roblox
⚒️ Sandbox Survival - Roblox
Advertise Your Clothing! [Failed] :( - Roblox
Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701-D - Roblox

Save/Load Builds System

Cycleable Shop System

Spell Casting System

Working Building System

Rise/Dash Demo

Working Radar

Steerable Boat

Working Rowboat

Plot Placement System

Interactive Loading Screen

I’m not a UI designer, don’t criticise me for that.

Talking NPC System

Fully Functional Upgrade Tree

Depositable Cauldron System