[ Themify ] - Color your studio. PLUGIN

What is Themify? Themify is a plugin that allows you to customize the colors of your move, rotate and scale tools along with allowing you to change the selection color and tool input text.

How do I customize? You can customize your tools and more by going into the explorer and clicking on the new “Theme Settings” (above SoundService). After, in the properties tab you will be shown different properties you can play with.

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Fixed bug, where u would get a constant error for draggerUI when not having a selection

Woah this is pretty unique! Would be nice to have more options though.
This is very cool, keep it up

any suggestions for more options, id love to add more to the plugin, i just dont know what else to add

New Minor Update!

  1. Better organization to configs.
  2. Ability to change the bounding box color.
  3. Fun Effects Category.

Fun Effects:

  1. Rainbow mode: changes all the tool and selections into a slow changing rainbow.
  2. Alive Studio: Part selections will respond to your actions, text and face. (only responds to name, size and color changes)

:warning:BUGS​:beetle:. Expect bugs within this update (So far, I haven’t found any), The plugin has got very messy and difficult to add new features to, I am going to be doing a rewrite soon that should come with new features and bug fixes.

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small preview of whats to come in the new update: Click me For Youtube redirect

u should probably put this in a local script so my team doesnt yell at me for having a Theme Settings folder in the game!

either way, good plugin!

the folder is only there when youre there. if you leave the place file, the folder gets removed. roblox doesnt keep anything thats parented to “game” that isnt a default instance