There a way to have group place editing restrictions per person?

Hi idk where to put this but it is for some type of game design question but is there a way for me in my group to allow certain people in a group with developer rank to able to edit in places they are allowed to?

Do we still have to pay to add rank on groups? (Im a co founder in my group so I don’t think I can add ranks but can manage peoples ranks.)

I have people that are doing separate projects on same group and some of them are doing multiple projects and some are just doing one.

Hi, Spidy.

Let’s say I ranked 5 people to developer rank. The developer rank permissions has access to be able to edit/create group games. That means all 5 people will be able to access the games as the permissions is set to it.

There is NO way to lets say, I don’t want my other builder access to my map. I cannot change the permissions for that specific user, I would have to create another rank and set the permissions for that rank not able to access group games.

Hopefully, this helps you. Wish you best of luck.

So I’m able to add certain rank permissions for each place. Is that correct? I’m currently not able to be on pc sorry.

Pardon? No, if a rank permissions is set to be able to access group games then you can access every group game.

Alright thanks then! :slight_smile:

There used to be an option to make a specific rank able to edit specific games thus able to lock some people restricted to a set game studio, i have no idea where it’s gone now because it was really useful.