There are only January and February choices

Reproduction Steps
Create an experience and choose to enter the year and month.

Expected Behavior
My experience appears on my Creator Page.

Actual Behavior
I can’t post. Because there are only 2 choices and when I choose one It says “Date should not be in the future” and happens when I use Thai language on my browser.

There are only 2 choices as shown in the picture:

มกราคม = January
กุมภาพันธุ์ = February

Issue Area: Talent Hub
Page URL: Your creator page
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Always


you literally put 2564 as the year. Which is why it says date should not be in the future. That’s why lmao


Heya! Based on your usage of Thai characters, I believe you’re using the Buddhist calendar year. As Roblox is a United States based company most of its UI assumes the usage of the Gregorian Calendar. Under that calendar the current year is 2022 :+1: :+1:


Just to educate you: Thai calendar - Wikipedia

On the Thai calendar, it is 2564 currently. It’s a fair UX mistake to make because the UI appears localized yet uses Gregorian calendar.


So would this be considered a bug or is this considered a feature request where Thai Calendar Localization should be supported for the UI?

This happens to me also when using talent hub on Google Chrome with my Windows 11 Laptop setting Thai Calendar as computer’s calendar

We can enter Buddhist year only, after we enter B.E., the system will think that we entered year in the future (2565) instead of 2022

I think the website should let us enter the year instead of selecting them to solve this problem, or instead of getting local year list from computer maybe use server’s year list instead.

Sorry for the bump. We are not planning on supporting locales other than English in the near future unfortunately.