There is no information about Humanoid.DisplayName on the Roblox Studio website

While browsing and seeing what each thing did in the properties, I noticed that the “DisplayName” property of “Humanoid” has no information, if I click on it, I will be redirected to a website that only says the type of value and what properties exist .
I would like to know what makes this value.


DisplayName was only added to the API and currently does nothing, normally features that aren’t out don’t say anything because they don’t do anything.

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While I don’t think this feature is enabled yet, I’ve added some details to the page to keep it from being blank.

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Good day. I would like to follow up if this feature is already enabled? I tried to use this with a humanoid with a different named parent model and what happens is that the name of the parent model gets displayed instead. This happens even if I set th DisplayName to a different value. Thanks!

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