There needs to be a place on the forum to report malicious models/plugins

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to deal with the amount of malicious plugins and free models that are flooding the library right now. In a community where we help each other out, we need a place to report these bad assets so other developers can know about them and avoid using them in their game.

I have seen way too many topics on #help-and-feedback:game-design-support where a developer uses a free model or plugin they thought was innocent and it ruined their entire game and they had to look through every script and check the plugins that other developers in their group were using, or it sometimes even got to the point where their game was exploited because of it and it ruined their player-base and the game’s reputation. This can all be prevented if there is a category for reporting malicious plugins or free models with backdoor scripts so other developers can be notified about them and avoid using them in the future.

In addition, Roblox moderators can look at the lists of assets and plugins that developers have reported to be malicious and they can delete the plugin or asset and take moderation action on the account that made it.

Let me know if you think this should be implemented, or if there is already something similar to this.

  • I agree with the idea
  • I disagree with the idea

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That is what the report abuse button is for on the website. The developer forum is a tool for developers – not a report proxy.


Were this implemented, the sheer amount of posts would drag down the efficacy.

I don’t see the point in littering the forum with callouts of other users (presuming this is done via a category). By this standard, you would also need a category to report stolen content and a category to report scammers. This would then defeat the idea of the Developer Forum since we would instead be on the Report Forum.

This would also likely be very impractical on the moderation team’s end. This would probably require them to assess each individual reported plugin separate to what’s already in the moderation queue, which is just inconvenient.

Making sure these ‘reports’ are filled out correctly and appropriately would also be yet another pain for the forum moderators to put up with considering this would likely be filled with off-topic reports rather than plugin related reports.

If you’ve seen that here on the forum you could just dm the OP and that’s it, let him get rid of his own problems. If this happens on the website, just as @incapaz already said; use the report button. There is plenty of people who doesn’t use the report button (regarding malicious assets and plugins) because: “R0blOx m0dEraTioN SuxXs”. Even if this was true (it is not) you’re helping more that way than coming to the forum and create a “Roblox needs to improve its moderation. Do you agree?” topic.