There should be an option to disable for users to download an image when posting

I would feel more comfortable if there was an option when posting to the DevForum to disable users from saving your images when you tick a checkbox per image. This can be used as an extra layer of security from art thieves. You will have the ability to more safely upload high resolution images of your art and lowering the risk of people getting your crystal clear photo.

You can then put watermarks in your photo to make it even more difficult for people to claim your art, since they have a lower resolution image of your art since they screenshotted it.

This feature could be opt-in when posting, and if you don’t tick the box for one of the images, you can allow users to download said picture, and not another image that you do not want them to download.


First of all, you should suggest that on the page. Secondly, even if - how would you prevent someone from just right clicking on an image and saving it or just taking a picture of it with a snipping tool?


What? Why? The forum feedback category is for suggestions, bugs and feedback concerning the Developer Forum. They could request it on there, sure. But why should they? They want this feature for the Developer Forum, not Discourse.

Don’t know if you get it, but what she means is that all features or suggestions that want to be featured and applied onto the discourse website. Almost a lot of features are suggested on there in a certain category for the forum benefit and for users.

Developer Forum is run and used from the discourse template, almost everything here is similar to discourse with replying, categories, and what you see at the moment so making a topic to add a feature is the best solution to do it there.

^ The Developer Forum is used and ran by the discourse template, which is why most users tell you to post a feature there.


I don’t think you understand; Discourse is what the Devforum uses to run. It’s not just similar, it is run by Discourse.


I had no idea about this website existing. I had seen many forums that look the same, but I didn’t think about the template’s source.

A feature like this will be useless, even if you couldn’t right click and save it.
In order for people to view the image, the image must be stored in their RAM. You could easily create a plugin/ program that grabs all images from the browser.

Just watermark your images. Not many people will bother trying to remove the watermark anyways.