There's a mistake with the positioning of some dynamic heads

There’s a pretty silly mistake with the “Stevie Standard” head and other similar ones where the head’s offset is much higher than the original mesh it was based off of. This offset error makes the head look pretty ugly when worn.

This is a side-by-side comparison of the original and a fixed version, the fix is ridiculously simple and I don’t see how this didn’t get caught before publishing.

This is the C1 of the neck, it’s 0.086 studs higher than it needs to be and fixing it would only require changing the position to 0, -0.5, 0.


I’ve noticed this too; Ever since the Stevie Standard head was created early in the development of Dynamic Heads (back when it was named “Blocky”), it has always been offset too high up!

For me, I like and prefer this specific Dynamic Head over the others, but the head being higher up than the others will probably make drinking animations look wrong, putting the straw in their neck since the mouth is higher up than the rest.

Roblox should apply your fix so facial element positioning is consistent across all heads.

I have an update to this: It seems that any animated head that’s based on the classic default head shape has this misalignment! Here, the “Face of Disapproval” head is aligned with the Stevie Standard head; The Woman Torso’s neck can be seen for both, but it shouldn’t be.


Already reported here:

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We will be moving on with this thread just to avoid misleading and multiple threads for the same issue!

I will make sure to link this thread as well to the ticket to help our engineers!
You can also post your report as a comment to that thread if you want @Lilianulum!

Thanks for understanding!


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