New Dynamic Heads have offset attachments

Ever since their release, every new Dynamic Head that is based off of the classic default head has offset attachment points, causing accessories to incorrectly clip through them, and for the heads themselves to appear as if they’re floating.

For demonstration purposes, I used the “Clockwork’s Headphones” and “Joy Blush Open Eye Skin Tone Face Mask” accessories. Notice how they’re all clipping through the head.

I’m not sure if the offset face attachments are intentional or not (because the eyes on the new heads are lower than on the original default head), but hats shouldn’t be clipping through the top of the head.

The affected heads in question:

Additionally, the “Chiseled Good Looks” head should probably have the same attachment positioning as the “Dylan Default” head, but it doesn’t, leading to accessory clipping issues.
Both heads are based off of the classic Man Head.

I used the “Classic Black Hair” accessory for this example. Notice how the hair is clipping in the back:

It’s expected that all new variants of classic Roblox heads aren’t “floating”, and feature the same accessory positioning, unless this is intentional for whatever reason.


We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update.

Thanks for the report!


Seems like Roblox partially fixed the attachments on all new heads that are based on the classic default one. Hats and hair are okay now.

However, the NeckRigAttachment is still offset. You can tell that the newer heads are positioned higher up in comparison to the original one.

The FaceCenterAttachment also still isn’t fixed. It should be centered like it is on the original head, unless this was intentional.


Also, the issue with the “Chiseled Good Looks” head that I mentioned in the original post was fixed.