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Ever since their release, every new Dynamic Head that is based off of the classic default head has offset attachment points, causing accessories to incorrectly clip through them, and for the heads themselves to appear as if they’re floating.

For demonstration purposes, I used the “Clockwork’s Headphones” and “Joy Blush Open Eye Skin Tone Face Mask” accessories. Notice how they’re all clipping through the head.

I’m not sure if the offset face attachments are intentional or not (because the eyes on the new heads are lower than on the original default head), but hats shouldn’t be clipping through the top of the head.

The affected heads in question:

Additionally, the “Chiseled Good Looks” head should probably have the same attachment positioning as the “Dylan Default” head, but it doesn’t, leading to accessory clipping issues.
Both heads are based off of the classic Man Head.

I used the “Classic Black Hair” accessory for this example. Notice how the hair is clipping in the back:

It’s expected that all new variants of classic Roblox heads aren’t “floating”, and feature the same accessory positioning, unless this is intentional for whatever reason.


We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update.

Thanks for the report!


Seems like Roblox partially fixed the attachments on all new heads that are based on the classic default one. Hats and hair are okay now.

However, the NeckRigAttachment is still offset. You can tell that the newer heads are positioned higher up in comparison to the original one.

The FaceCenterAttachment also still isn’t fixed. It should be centered like it is on the original head, unless this was intentional.


Also, the issue with the “Chiseled Good Looks” head that I mentioned in the original post was fixed.


Thanks for the report. I filed a ticket to our internal database.


Yesterday Roblox updated the “Stevie Standard” head with an entirely new look, which is now slightly more consistent with the classic 2D face.

Over the past month they have also been forcing the head onto users who are wearing the default head, suggesting that they want this head to effectively replace the classic one.


Yet it’s still offset. It’s been over 8 months, why is this taking so long?

This isn’t actually intentional, is it? Why would this be intentional? I wouldn’t ever use dynamic heads if they all have to be offset. It just makes my neck look huge.

Both face attachments (FaceFront and FaceCenter) are also still offset. Still not sure if any of this was intentional or not, but if these animated heads are meant to replace the classic ones then they should probably have consistent attachment points.


Odd as to why they redesigned the Dynamic Head, specifically “Stevie Standard”… Both Dylan Default - Roblox and Devon Default - Roblox are not updated…

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Roblox just released 6 more offset heads. I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall here.



Even worse, the classic faces have been taken off sale, meaning new players will be stuck with the broken version…

I can feel your annoyance, as I feel like I should be frustrated with Roblox too, however I’m not sure how easy it is to fix a dynamic head’s positioning since I’ve barely tried moving them.

But yes, they need to fix the misaligned attachments and move the heads as a whole down. Speaking of “moving down”, they need to move the new Stevie Standard mouth down; It’s placed higher on its face, which makes it inaccurate to the smile face it’s trying to resemble. Also, that would probably fix the weird shading on the sides of the head.

Speaking of that, I think the original version of Stevie Standard should return as a separate head or something. I prefer its smaller smile, plus it has better shading than the new version. (There’s weird shading around the sides of the head, like they moved the mouth vertices too much.)

Account to an update in the We’re updating Heads topic, eventually, buying a dynamic head will also give you its classic counterpart, and you’ll be able to disable the dynamic head and choose from all of your head shapes.

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Literally all they need to do is update the position of the head’s NeckRigAttachment to match the classic one

Kind of off-topic but the “Joyful Smile” head is pretty similar to the old version of Stevie Standard, though it isn’t free. You could use AvatarEditorService or something to equip JUST the head and a different mood animation to make it pretty much identical.

If you’re talking about the video from Bloxy News, this is a prototype for an unreleased feature that Roblox has actually been working on for over a year now. As far as I’m aware there’s been no confirmation on whether this is actually shipping or not, but hopefully it does. However, everything that Roblox has been saying recently about classic faces seems to counteract that. I’m hoping that this is just another case of poor wording on Roblox’s part.


This is a common sentiment when filing bug reports directly on the devforum. Unrelated, but this is how i felt in late 2022 when i had multiple bug reports “filed into [their] internal database” go unanswered for months on end. To this day, no action has been taken on all of them.



For some reason, wearing a moderated dynamic head applies a very old version of Stevie Standard in-game. This is the original version that is “floating” above the torso and has noticeably offset hat/hair attachments.



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Looks like Stevie Standard was updated today to be more in-line with the default smile face, and according to this Tweet, Roblox is working on updates to some of the already published conversions of classic faces to make them more faithful. I think it’s definitely an upgrade, however, the position of the heads are still a lot higher than the default classic head. I think it’s weird that Roblox insists on keeping them this way, because making the new dynamic heads match as closely as possible to classic heads would definitely make the switch a lot easier for users. It’s definitely possible, since the launch of UGC bodies & heads we’ve already seen multiple animated heads that nearly exactly replicate the position of the default classic head on your avatar.

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They’re redoing a bunch of them. I posted all the ones I could find here, unfortunately they’re all still offset:

Stevie Standard comparisons:

The FaceFrontAttachment was actually fixed on the latest version of Stevie Standard, but the Neck and FaceCenter attachments were not.

I feel like this has to be intentional at this point. I don’t know why else Roblox would be consistently putting out these offset heads.

  • Since the jaw on the heads can move, maybe the height of the neck was increased to give more room for the jaw to open, without clipping through the torso as much.

    However, this would mostly just apply to the blocky torso. There are hundreds of torsos on Roblox that would not have this issue, and I still don’t think that offsetting the neck was necessary. The heads should be consistent. Also, dynamic heads based on the classic Woman/Man heads aren’t offset like this.

  • The original version of Stevie Standard had lower eyes than the classic 2D face. The face attachments were probably intentionally lowered so that accessories like glasses could properly cover the eyes.

    However, with the most recent version of the head, the eyes are actually in the right place now, and the FaceFrontAttachment was finally fixed as well.
    (But the FaceCenterAttachment was not. Perhaps this was an oversight.)

Stevie Standard also kinda works in R6 now. It obviously doesn’t animate, but the R6 variant of the head has a permanent smile instead of just being a neutral pose.



ALSO! Stevie standard in r6 has this weird glitch on the mouth
You can notice how it has a weird gradient at the left which is not there on the right

This might just be a side effect of how textures are compressed on R6 avatars.

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These 3 heads received updates today.

Visually they are a pretty good improvement in being closer to the originals. Looks like the Freckles head has issues though:

The idle animation severely distorts & indents the cheeks of the head causing weird lighting in-game.
The inside of the mouth has faces that aren’t colored black so they take on the skin-tone of the head, and the mouth is also hollow because they removed the teeth & tongue, so you can see the torso through the inside the mouth.


Roblox just released 20 more dynamic heads.

As usual, all of the ones based on the classic default head have offset FaceCenter and Neck attachments. I don’t think they’re ever going to fix this.

However, the “Joyous Surprise” head has offset hat/hair attachments, and the neck attachment is so offset on this one that the head is literally “floating”, so this should be fixed at least.

EDIT: “Joyous Surprise” was fixed.

Roblox also fixed the hat/hair attachments on the fallback head for moderated heads. It’s also no longer “floating”.


26 more heads! Most of them are still offset as usual.

Stay Positive” should be named “Smiling Girl”, since that’s the name of the original classic face. I guess they forgot to fix the naming on this one.

What’s interesting is the “Skeptic” head doesn’t have a noticeably-offset neck attachment.

Hey folks,

Thank you for the comments, feedback, suggestions, and patience while we worked on these.

The main reason we made a decision to move the heads up a little bit relative to the original was, as someone had guessed in the thread, to prevent the jaw from penetrating the torso when the mouth was open. There was no other way to work around this issue.

As for attachment points for Accessories, we went have gone back and made adjustments based on your feedback on many of the heads. For Dynamic Heads that are based on the Default head, there are times when we did make adjustments to the Attachment points so that Accessories will fit better with the Face that is on the Dynamic Head. We typically place the Face Front Attachment midway between the mouth and eyes. That way, Accessories like glasses will be more at the intended spot.